New Electronic Music Instrument, The Daïs

The Daïs is a new open source electronic instrument, created by Pelle Christensen, that integrates physical modeling and haptic feedback.

The instrument generates sound by simulating a bowed string. It features a disk that is suspended using rubber string and is played by pushing down and moving this disk around. Multiple parameters can be controlled with a single movement, and the gestures afforded by the instrument encourage a performative playing style.

The disk is also haptically enabled using vibrotactile transducers, which allow performers to feel the instrument’s sound.

The instrument is played via a main disk which is suspended by rubber string, and an external MIDI keyboard is used for note selection. The position and angle of the disk is captured by sensors and can be used to control sound synthesis algorithms or effects.

This instrument design is open source. All the source files, including the code, mechanical design files and bill of materials, are available on the developer’s github repo.

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