Ritual Electronics Release 3 New 1U Modules

Ritual Electronics has introduced three new 1U format modules. The modules are designed to be compatible with Eurorack modules, but in a more compact format.

They have shared demo videos for each of the modules:

Pointeuse is a 95€ CV-controlled bidirectional analog switch that can be used as a momentary footswitch adapter for Eurorack.

Flexibilité is a 65€ expression pedal adapter, attenuator and attenuverter:


The Flexibilite is designed to be compatible with virtually all expression pedals.

Finally, the Guillotine is a 115€ hard clipping asymmetrical stereo distortion module:

They note that the Guillotine can be used in true stereo or fed back to itself for ‘twice the amount of filth’.

The modules are expected to be available in mid-November 2020.

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