Sound Design With The Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 4

Sound designer Paul Schilling shared this video, exploring some of the sound design capabilities of the new Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 4 synthesizer.

The video features patches that Schilling created for the Rev 4, some of which are included in the factory set.

He notes:

“I focused a lot on the rev2 SSM-based filters. In several of the patch demos I do some tweaking, for example to show the difference the Vintage knob makes, and to show the quality of the filter with low or high resonance.

No processing except a touch of reverb. Because some seem to prefer dry demos, I included a few patches at the beginning with no reverb, and also all patches after 13:50 have no reverb.”

5 thoughts on “Sound Design With The Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 4

    1. Me neither. P5 is a classic sounding early 80´s with a few bread an butter, raw, and very heard sounds for today standards. But I understand some people want it, becuse many bands in the time used to have it.
      I don´t like it´s simpliciity.

  1. Sounds pretty great to me (maybe a bit muffled/less high end than I’d expect? though it is a youtube demo) but it also reminds me of why I like the stereo spread so much in synths like the P’08/rev2.

  2. the thing with the p5 , it shines mostly in unison mode, but then you can also get great mono leads with some of the vintage monophonics that do cost a fraction , however its a special baby

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