AudioKit Intros 909 Drum Machine For iPhone, iPad

AudioKit has introduced AR-909 Drum Machine, a new hybrid synth/sample drum machine for iPad and iPhone.

While it takes inspiration from the classic Roland TR-909, AR-909 is a new design that the developers say “feels more alive today than machines in the ’80s”.


  • Standalone app & AUv3 Plug-in
  • Create your own drum sounds
  • Vintage style Shuffle/Swing
  • Classic sound with modern power and features
  • Space saving: Entire app under 20mb total
  • Create beats with sequencer or play pads
  • Like having a piece of hardware on your iOS device
  • Add your own analog drum sounds to your songs & beats

Pricing and Availability

AR-909 is available now for $2.99 USD.

8 thoughts on “AudioKit Intros 909 Drum Machine For iPhone, iPad

  1. What does “Vintage Style Shuffle/Swing” mean? Was there something specific about how vintage drum machines handled Shuffle/Swing that is different than the “swing” knobs in current apps?

      1. LOL! So true.

        I really like AudioKit and what they are trying to do. However, in this case, this app doesn’t seem to offer much that is new or needed. There are already quite a few drum machines that allow you to access these kinds of sounds. Far fewer that hand you the keys when it comes to sounds, and far fewer still that let you take the wheel rhythmically. Some even do both.

        Looks like a simple & clean UI. I’m not a big fan of bit crushed drum sounds, but that’s me. Perhaps that’s a generational thing? I don’t find myself saying, “It’s cool, but how do I make it sound like 6-bit greeting card audio?” funny perhaps, but I don’t use that effect very often.

  2. I bought it, It is what it seems to be: all marketing. The ‚bass drum synth’ and ‚snare drum synth‘ might as well be samples. they have very limited control. The rest appears to also be just samples with no Tune (pitch) control on any of them!
    nothing exciting at all, might as wel be Bram Bos Hammerhead for windows from 199x

    1. Thanks for checking it out. Sorry you didn’t like it. There is an icon that looks like a tuning fork where you can access pitch for all the drums. And, Hammerhead is still incredible. I keep it running on an old machine!

  3. Ha! I typo’d out that, meant to say ‘…has fewer settings…’.

    Looks like we can’t edit our posts on IOS/Safari (will try another browser soon) or Synthopia’s dropped the 15 min edit function.

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