7 thoughts on “Debussy – Clair De Lune Synthesized & Visualized

  1. Interesting to discover how it is possible for every music note to have your own visual figures every time it’s played. With oscillographs visual music get new possibilities. Nice work. Can you put together this two figures in one and the same oscilloscope screen and in different colors or can this only be realised with video editing software and putting together two video images layers?

    1. An oscilloscope CRT is monochromatic. You can only get different colors with either a color filter over the screen, or with video editing software.

    2. actually theres no natural way to do this. you either have to have more notes or some other tricks. a single note would just be a straight line in an x-y-scope.

  2. I Applaud this effort. The piece pushes away ugliness…..of this pandemic!!!!

    Thank you for this sweet vacation in sound….

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