UDO Audio Super 6 Polysynth Review

The latest Sonic Lab video takes an in-depth look at the UDO Audio Super 6 12-voice polyphonic binaural synthesizer.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the Super 6 in the comments!

Topics covered:

00:00 Chords
00:31 Overview
02:47 Oscillators
10:52 Some Sounds
13:52 – Filter
17:42 LFO 1 and VCO mode
21:23 Additional DDS waves Firmware and MPE
23:20 Mod Matrix
25:10 more sounds
26:10 Voice assign
27:05 Arp and Sequencer
32:05 FX
34:55 Performance controls and wrap

15 thoughts on “UDO Audio Super 6 Polysynth Review

    1. WTF – that’s a pretty premium chassis, key bed and interface or was your post troll bait farming for contentious replies ?

      1. Let me repeat myself: TO ME it looks a bit plasticky and cheap. I don’t like the plastic sliders and buttons. Am I not entitled to MY opinion?

        1. I think George said he paid a premium for the sliders and buttons. But anyway what material are your sliders and buttons made of? Are there synths with metal buttons? glass? wood? leather?

            1. You like what you like.

              I wasn’t big on putting a multi-color Moog Grandmother next to my Mother-32/DFAM rack. But the black version has me drooling.

    2. The build and feel is incredible. It’s one of the most solid, together synths I’ve bought in a long time. There’s no wobble on the faders or knobs, and everything is reassuringly old school. As others have said, it’s like synths USED to be built (but with a far better keybed!)

      1. I’m really glad to see more ‘premium’ synths coming out, even with a steeper price tag.

        All of the ‘classic’ synths that we love came at a premium back in the day – but they were also build like tanks. Old Yamaha and Roland keyboards are tanks. Even old Casios are tanks.

        There’s no shortage of cheap keyboards around these days, but they feel cheap, too. Especially when you put them next to an older keyboard.

  1. Nick Batt said it had a premium build. Good enough for me, on that count. The sound deserves a gold star, clearly. Its not a go-to for everything, although it has more depth than the panel first suggests. It’d be a great stack-mate between a DP and a VA. It feels like a modernized Juno-106 with more range.

  2. In terms of haptics, it definitely has that premium feel. Like sitting in Benz. Everything just has that super solid airtight feel. Sound wise, Super6 is high on my list of next synths

  3. I used to lust after this, but ended up with the System 8 at way less than half the Super 6 price. Less flexible, but not by that much, what misses in mod routings and lfo is compensated by fm and filter flavors. The two are conceptually the same. I can totally justify the Super 6 asking price for the looks alone though!

  4. Pretty impressive that a compressed YouTube video played over my laptop speakers gives me cold chills (specifically the patches at 25:07 and 26:30). Have been keeping an eye on this synth for a while and I’m now looking around the studio to figure out what I can sell to fund one.

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