Studio Electronics SE-02 Editor v2 Now Available

Studio Electronics has released the SE-02 Editor v2, an update to their dedicated patch editor that offers a larger UI for easier editing and an expanded feature set.

The SE-02 is an analog synth that’s inspired by the classic Minimoog design, but which goes beyond the Minimoog’s capabilities, adding temperature-stabilized oscillators, deeper modulation, tempo-synced LFO, effects, patch memory, sequencing and CV control.


  • Official Roland approved and supported editor.
  • Enlarged and feature expanded UI for the Standalone.
  • Complete front panel implementation with expanded features.
  • Alpha-numeric patch naming/renaming.
  • “Visual Learn” of sound programming from ROM banks.
  • Deep and detailed Patch and Bank exploration and modification.
  • Visual Patch edit and compare of all parameters.
  • Sound library building and management.
  • Bank saving/loading without disconnecting, rebooting, and reconnecting.
  • Expressive MIDI Learn/Random Patch Generator.
  • Patch Blending: morphs two patches into a new storeable sound.
  • 2 interaction modes: shift+click or 2 finger tap.
  • Random patch name generator.

Pricing and Availability

The SE-02 v2 Editor is available now for $24.99. Upgrade pricing is also available.

7 thoughts on “Studio Electronics SE-02 Editor v2 Now Available

  1. Kind of insane how hard this kicks the Behringer D’s ass to the curb.

    This does pretty much everything everybody wants when they figure out the D doesn’t do what they thought it did.

  2. As a heads up, I bought their v1.4 of the editor and it did not work on Studio One 4.6!! They weren’t willing to investigate the issue despite Presonus (I was also in touch with them) offering them a free activation key to help them look it up. SE do great sounding synths but their customer support/after sale is pretty bad, though they did refund me in fairness to them.

    1. I also have the previous version of their editor (v1.4) and my experience is similar. The user interface for the menus is really cryptical and difficult to find. In Windows 10 I couldn’t get the drop down menus to work at all. It seems to me like the stand-alone version and plugin version are linked, because I needed to get the standalone version to work before I got the plugin version to work in Cubase. Despite not getting any drop-down menus, I somehow (using the arrow buttons) got the standalone version set up properly and after that the plugin version works fine in Cubase and is really stable as well.

  3. This editor was already on my list for purchasing this year. Looking forward to it even more, now. I love using the SE02 for EBM basses. A lot of power and variation is possible with little effort and even less studio space.

  4. I’m still having MIDI routing trouble in Bitwig, too. A shame. Seems like, if the DAW is supported.. all is well. If not.. you’re out of luck.

    Still a fantastic little synth, though .. and there are other plugin interfaces available that’re worth trying for it, too.

    1. @Bob, yep, agree there are bugs, but am hoping they get ironed out. None of the switchable knobs can go anti-clockwise with a drag in either the editor or plugin; the editor routinely changes the MIDI channel back to 1 (I have mine on 7 to work with a Digitone) but the plugin does not; it can put the SE-02 in a laggy state where Audio over USB gets significant lag requiring a restart of the SE-02; as a Logic MIDI FX plugin all of the parameters are registered as discrete stepped 0-127 values, meaning you can’t automate or trim smoothly, you only see a dropdown list of 128 values. Oh, and you can’t automate by turning the physical SE-02 knobs either, you have to do it with the trackpad from within the DAW…

      And I’m still waiting for my activation code, five days after ordering…

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