Erica Synths Intros Black LPG

Erica Synths has introduced its Black LPG, their take on classic Buchla-style Lowpass Gate.

The new Eurorack module features a 2nd-order lowpass VCF (the original Buchla lowpass gate was 1st order VCF) and VCA combo, with a distinct resonance circuit on top.

Other features include voltage control over VCF cutoff frequency/VCA offset and mode (VCF/VCF+VCA/VCA), as well as built in decay envelope generator.


  • Three vectors for 2nd order VCF
  • VCF/VCF+VCA/VCA modes
  • Manual and voltage controlled cutoff/offset
  • Manually and voltage controlled mode selection
  • Manually resonance depth control
  • Resonance overdrive switch
  • Built in decay envelope generator
  • Manually and voltage controlled decay time
  • Envelope CV output
  • Skiff-friendly design

Pricing and Availability

The Black LPG is now available, priced at €170.

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