Live MU Modular Synth Performance By LudoWic

This video captures a live performance by Dutch synthesist Thijs Lodewijk, aka LudoWic.

LudoWic performed the track Delusive Bunker live as part of his ‘LudoWic Livestream – Katana ZERO Soundtrack’ concert on November 28, 2020.

Lodewijk‘s performance features a wide range of vintage and modern gear, with a rig centered around a large MU format modular synthesizer.

Note: Warning for people with epilepsy: This video contains strobe lights.

7 thoughts on “Live MU Modular Synth Performance By LudoWic

  1. In live performance, did his knob tweeking have any relationship to the output sound? Nothing in the video seems to align to the sound.

    1. I had similar thoughts. While LudoWic is absolutely legit artist, I would love a version of this with a much smaller, focused setup that would be easier to follow. While here it seems everything is a midi playback and it’s more of an exhibition of synths than performance. Half of the time he walks from one side on the setup to another, and I feel like he could walk away alltogether, and the music wouldn’t stop. Still love him, tho 🙂

        1. Oh, I’m not suggesting that LudoWic isn’t legit, I was just expecting some kind of sound change. (Especially after watching Jexus’ video)

          From watching what he’s doing, it looks like he was tuning up the synths and getting them ready, not an actual keyboard performance.

          1. At least it’s electronic music live performance not keyboard players master class. It’s very unpopular for electronic artists, especially with analog synths(with no recalls) to play all notes live (and all parts). Not reliable things. Some provide in form of dj sets or live performance with some tweaks of pre-recorded sounds, some use midi/cv playbacks, sequencers (which are the bones of electronic music). Some artists have different type of live performances – bleeps and bloops fully live and pre-recorded some parts for bigger arenas and ‘casual’ ears. If you want to fight with this – almost all youtube are filled by modular performances that are recorded track-by-track but you can see the whole modular. It’s just a visual

            Back to Ludowic performance. I have no doubts that sounds go life but of course with using automatization. Visual thing is great and I dont remember any other artists performances with so big setup and great dark atmosphere. Maybe Suzanne Ciani with some of latest her gigs that are available on YT. See his live jams if you prefer more actions:)

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