ACL System 2 Eurorack Modular System

Audiophile Circuits League shared this audio demo of their System 2, their second complete Eurorack modular system.

Here’s what they have to say about the 84hp system:

“Following the success of System 1, we received many requests for a more conventional subtractive synth design (1 had a heavy focus on creative stereo sound).

So the focus is on creating powerful bass and leads, with plenty of modulation options, whilst still allowing scope for experimentation, and harnessing the unrivalled power and sound quality that make our individual modules so popular.

The result has some very distinct specialities and the unmistakable flavour of our modules, and is designed to slot easily into a bigger set-up too.”


  • 1 x ACL Multifunction Discrete VCO
  • 1 x ACL Variable Sync VCO
  • 2 x ACL Oktave
  • 1 x ACL Discrete Core Ladder VCF
  • 1 x ACL Gate Mix
  • 2 x ACL Multi II
  • 1 x ACL Envelope x 3
  • 2 x ACL QLFO
  • 2 x ACL VC Dual Amp
  • 1 x ACL Audio Interface
  • 1 x 2 Row 84 TE ACL Case incl.1 x ACL KAZU PSU

See the ACL site for details.

6 thoughts on “ACL System 2 Eurorack Modular System

    1. that’s not going to work, vcv can’t substitute the real deal both in terms of sound and patching experience. Plus vcv has sooo many modulation and sequencing options that would just be unreasonable to have in hardware.

    2. I would guess that would be a challenge especially for the analog modules. Regardless, I doubt there’s much data out there to figure out the ROI on porting modules to VCV Rack. Boutique eurorack and VCV Rack are pretty niche markets.

    1. premium grade construction and quality is certainly worth it in the right contexts, but yeah, i think a lot of people looking for a general subtractive synthesis approach can get much cheaper and just as comprehensive systems with good enough quality. it all has its place!

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