New Effect, ‘Naturaliser’, Adds Controlled Variation To Your Sound

Rast Sound has introduced Naturaliser, an effect plugin that’s designed to introduce ‘a strong depth of micro variety over time’ onto the incoming audio.

Naturalizer slices time into user-selected sub-durations, during which it applies discrete random states of its spectral, attack shaping and coloring effects to the incoming audio and keeps changing these states from one sub duration to the other.

Pricing and Availability

Naturaliser is available now for Mac & Windows with an intro price of 29€ (normally 39€).

12 thoughts on “New Effect, ‘Naturaliser’, Adds Controlled Variation To Your Sound

  1. Clever way to take dull, lifeless tracks and make them sound like random, dull, lifeless tracks.

    Seriously, though, this is a pretty useful tool for mixers who might want to take some boring tracks and make them 1% less boring.

  2. Anything that can inspire change is good in my book.
    It has zero to do with taking something boring and making it 1% less boring but finding new ways to be creative.

  3. Perhaps my hearing is impaired, but I listened closely to the demos on a headset and couldn’t hear a big difference. I think conventional FX, like multiband compressors and flange-chorusing, already offer a wealth of mixing options.

    1. They were using it in a pretty subtle way. You could hear the level and EQ kind of switch from hit to hit.

      Despite my “unrelated trama”, I do think it’s a cool idea, and as others have said, it is something new.

      They probably could have used it in a more extreme way in the demo, but that might have put some listeners off.

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