UNO Synth Pro Hands-On Demo With Erik Norlander

2021 NAMM Show: IK Multimedia shared this hands-on demo of their UNO Synth Pro – designed to be a full-size professional synth.

Synth designer, (Andromeda, UNO Synth), prog keyboardist and sound designer Erik Norlander gives an in-depth look at the UNO Synth Pro – covering the architecture of the new synth and tips for creating sounds.

Note: The discussion starts about 3:15 into the video.

Pricing and Availability

The UNO Synth Pro and UNO Synth Pro Desktop are available to pre-order now, priced at 649.99 USD/EUR and 399.99 USD/EUR.

7 thoughts on “UNO Synth Pro Hands-On Demo With Erik Norlander

  1. Has Eric cut all his hair off! I need glasses my phone screen is so small!
    I really like the design of this… some good synths this year.
    I have an Uno….wonder if it’s worth the upgrade….

    1. He had short hair when I saw him at the last Knobcon, and he looked more like a distinguished gentleman than a rocker.

      But if you look closely in the video, it looks like he’s brought back the long hair for the pandemic, but pulled it back.

  2. Nice one!!! Sounds insane. Excellent feature set and modulation possibilities. Would’ve loved to have heard the distortion and string machine after such great descriptions…. but I’m sure there will now be many videos…Arrrgggghh too many synths. Nice Andromeda mention lol…..

  3. The original UNO actually sounded huge for its size and ridiculous price point. An affordable, real, 3-osc analog synth, with 2 analog filters. Nice work.

    1. I did that with the Grandmother. My first impression was that Moog had gone insane. Then I started to grok the 70’s vibe that they were going for and thought it was actually a pretty cool look.

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