AudioKit Digitalism 2000, a $2.99 Rompler For iOS

AudioKit has introduced Digitalism 2000 – a new iOS soft synth, inspired by classic ROMplers.


  • Standalone app & AUv3 Plug-in
  • Digital Synth sounds, Bell sounds, EPs, Pads, and more
  • Over 1,000+ individual samples custom recorded for this app
  • Over 100+ inspiring and varied presets
  • Compressed to under 200mb for save space
  • Over 60+ multi-sampled PCM instruments that can be combined

The video embedded above, via Gavinski, offers an in-depth overview of Digitalism 2000.

Topics covered:

00:00 Intro and giveaway details
02:04 Preset demo (selected presets)
04:14 Walkthrough begins: The sound sources
06:37 The reverb and limiter
07:24 Autopan and delay
08:34 Mono, glide, ADSR
09:16 Semi, detune, panning
10:25 Phaser
10:49 Filter
11:53 Final thoughts and review

“While this app is technically a ROMpler, this app does not sample any ROMplers. It uses hardware synths to re-create that 2000 vibes,” Audiokit co-founder Matthew Fecher told us. “No Roland, Korg, etc PCM-based synths were sampled.”

Pricing and Availability

Digitalism 2000 is available now for $2.99. See the Audiokit site for details.

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