Superbooth Organizers Postpone New ‘SOOPERgrail’ Event

Superbooth organizers have announced that plans for SOOPERgrail – their new guitar-focused event – have been postponed and that this year’s SUPERBOOTH21 could be rescheduled for a later date.

SUPERBOOTH21 is currently scheduled for May 5th to 8th, 2021 at the FEZ Berlin, above.

Organizers say that planning the new guitar event has been made more difficult because of the pandemic, so the SOOPERGrail guitar trade fair and exhibition will not premiere in April 2021.

“It is with a heavy heart that we postpone our premiere for the World of Guitarists, probably until late summer,” says event organizer Andreas Schneider. “SUPERBOOTH21 in May still remains our goal and is in active preparation. If it is possible and justifiable, we will be hosting the event. The booking status for this year, with mainly European exhibitors, is already satisfactory.”

But Schneider is being pragmatic about planning a trade fair during a pandemic.

“If a cancellation of the event in May is unavoidable,” notes Schneider, “the Board has decided to take an alternative date for SUPERBOOTH21 in the summer. For this purpose, we will be happy to welcome all the exhibitors already booked, as well as some of the corresponding artists of SOOPERGrail, as our guests at SUPERBOOTH21. This can then be seen as a first step of synergy between these two worlds, for which we are personally enthusiastic.”

2 thoughts on “Superbooth Organizers Postpone New ‘SOOPERgrail’ Event

  1. I just don’t get why Sneider isn’t focused on doing this Superbooth online for this year?

    Seems like so much time has been wasted and even more when May is canceled as well. (which is a strong possibility). How much money is going to get wasted if May doesn’t continu and everyone does need to do everything online?

    Don’t get me wrong I really enjoy being at Superbooth. It’s one of the best music fairs for synth nerds in the world if not the best) but if we look at how things are now May would probably be too soon. COVID is mutating rapidly, hardly anyone in Europe has been vaccinated yet and we don’t even know if that would be end of it.

    I wanna know why Sneider is pushing this so hard (beside the obvious reasons). If NAMM was able to pull it off online than Superbooth should be able to do the same. No it’s as fun as the real deal but for now it’s probably the ‘better’ option.

  2. > currently scheduled for May 5th
    > to 8th, 2021 at the FEZ Berlin

    prediction: won´t happen. schneider should move with superbooth to israel where 36 percent of people already got their covid shots. for comparison: only 1.5 percent of germans are vaccinated right now. so a trip to berlin is way too dangerous, even in may imo.

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