Synth Designer Wowa Cwejman Has Died

Synth designer Wlodzimierz (Wowa) Cwejman , creator of the Cwejman modular synthesizer, has died.

The news was shared by Maho Cwejman via Facebook:

“I’m incredibly sad to say that Wlodzimierz Cwejman (Wowa ) passed away yesterday. Wowa was an incredible man making great things and I love that we made so many together.

Right now I hope you appreciate I need some time but will come back as soon as possible with an update to Cwejman. I want to thank everyone for your support and kind words?

Wlodzimierz Cwejman 1949-2021″

Cwejman’s synth designs are highly respected, by musicians and engineers alike. In a 2008 review of Cwejman Synthesis Modules in Sound On Sound, Gordon Reid said that “Cwejman modules currently represent the pinnacle of Eurorack synthesizer technology.”

For an in depth look at Cwejman’s work, see Reid’s three-part review of the Cwejman system:

Photo: Takamasa Aoki

12 thoughts on “Synth Designer Wowa Cwejman Has Died

  1. This is unfortunate news.

    Hopefully someone like Sound Semiconductor can make a sizeable payment to Cwejman’s estate to buy the rights to his filter designs for use in future SSI chips, making them available to a variety of instrument manufacturers.

      1. I should add that his friends and loved ones have my condolences. My initial comment comes from not knowing the man and only being vaguely familiar with his gear, and hoping his achievements can live on in the industry.

  2. Sad loss. Always wanted an S1, could never afford one, but hopefully his son carries on the family business, and they don’t get even more impossibly expensive. (And I read on another site that he died from a heart attack, he looked so young and vital for his age, this is a sad surprise.)

  3. RIP Wowa. My S1Mk2 is a work of art, its own thing with its own sound that I fought with before realizing I was trying to make it sound like other synthesizers. Loss of a great mind and a great company (unless it carries on in the same way). The polar opposite of the race to the bottom and lack of ingenuity and responsibility in design that we see with many manufacturers today.

  4. A great tour of some of the sounds Cwejman’s synth designs are capable of can be found on Surachai’s 2014 album Ritual. The only instrument used on the whole record is a S1mk2.

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