New User Oscillators & Effects For The Korg Prologue Synthesizer

Ghost Time has shared a series of user oscillators & effects for the Korg Prologue synthesizer (they say they should work with the Minilogue XD & NTS-1, too).

Warped, demoed in the video above, is a lo-fi oscillator, inspired by the sounds of Boards of Canada.

Sneq, demoed above, is described as an experimental oscillator, less focused on tonality and more on rhythm.

Each note can play a rhythmic sequence, which you can customize with controls for sequence length, offset, note probability and more.

Warbly is a user effect that adds an unstable ‘warble’ to your patches:

Other Ghost Time oscillators include Step, a per key arpeggiator; Lapse, a stacked-LFO drone generator; and Slinky, a modulated delay effect.

The Ghost Time user oscillators and effects are available now with a ‘name your own price’ pricing.

7 thoughts on “New User Oscillators & Effects For The Korg Prologue Synthesizer

  1. The Minimoog signal flow is the best teacher for learning basic synthesis, but the -logues would be great for any halfway serious newbie. They can cover anything from Subotnick to EDM. With so many great oscillator/FX models like these available, stack any two or three of them and you have a near-modular engine in terms of range. I’m tempted. I play Legacy Korg things with an old Triton, but an XD sure has a nice aroma.

    1. If you can write software, the logues and the funnest things since taking your clothes off in the dark. Especially the Prologue 16. My favorite is writing modulation methods for Plaits and Elements ports.

      Good stuff GT! Keep it cranking! :0)

  2. I love my Prologue and the custom oscillators/effects are a fantastic idea – I’ve got nearly all of the them 😛 However, there’s one problem: you only have the one generic knob (+ secondary shift function) for oscillator control, the rest requires menu diving. And there are limits to the menu options too. So, I rarely actually use them, because it’s just not fun and I forget what the knob does. Only the really simple ones with not too many options occasionally. The effects have two knobs and they require less controls anyway, so I use them more (the fantastic Hera 2 Juno-like chorus especially). I wish Korg had assigned more controls for this purpose.

    1. Next version of the logue engine, perhaps. It’s a great idea, to allow custom oscillators and effects, and needs to be expanded on.

    2. It is a very basic control implementation. However, you only dive once, then rotate through 6 values. Fine for muscle memory to do the work for you. I keep a stack of oscillator briefs as a ‘manual’. I use the CLI to load oscillators with scripts. You can get amazing results for little menu work. I also embed the oscillator name in the patch name so I can re/locate the oscillators at any time.

      I hope for a version 2.0 with a fewer rough edges, but I would take a fuller implementation plus extra resources instead any day!

  3. Have owned the Minilogue XD for about a year now and have found it’s one of the best newbie/intermediate broad-palette synths/workstations out there. Ideas can be quickly sketched out and it has a little bit of everything, so really good for trialling ideas. This kind of support for custom oscillators and fx only widens its capabilities and is a real big selling point for the synth. It’s still evolving as a product and not just a static consumable. Love the cross-compatibility between the Prologue, XD and NTS. Great work Korg and the the user-developer community!

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