Make Noise STREGA In-Depth Demo

In this video, composer & synthesist Sarah Belle Reid offers an in-depth overview and demo of the Make Noise Strega, a new semi-modular synthesizer, designed in collaboration with synthesist Alessandro Cortini.

Reid does a walkthrough of the STREGA and creates a piece of music that uses the semi-modular synth in every single track, alongside voice and brass.

Topics covered:

0:00? Introduction
0:45? What is STREGA?
3:27? How Does STREGA Work?
4:41? STREGA Walkthrough
12:50? Patch One: Bridges & Gateways
16:07? Patch Two: Gestural Chaos
19:26? Patch Three: Melody
22:16? Interlude: Thoughts on Getting to Know STREGA
27:35? Patch Four: STREGA & Max/MSP
30:17? Patch Five: Processing External Sounds
36:25? Track Preview: “MASS”

Reid has shared patch notes and diagrams for 10 Strega patches, ranging from drone-based to gestural and chaotic, via her Patreon site.

via Ryan Gaston

9 thoughts on “Make Noise STREGA In-Depth Demo

  1. Thingy is way to expensive for what it does.
    600 dollars for a bag of noise.
    You get something decent sounding for 300 dollars.
    Add a 20 dollar delay stompbox to dirty it up. 😉

    1. Make Noise gear certainly isn’t cheap. But you get what you pay for and their stuff is worth paying for in my opinion. On the face of it, it seems expensive but if you compare the level of functionality you’re getting and work out how many eurorack modules you would need to get similar results, then it starts to become apparent just how much is crammed into the Strega

      Waveshaping Oscillator
      Random function generator
      Analog VCF and VCA
      Analog Delay effect
      External Input with gain boost
      CV inputs with attenuator for all the above
      11 Touch-sensitive touch plates
      Line and Euro level main outputs

      1. I don’t buy bonbons at the pharmacy.
        BTW. If you can reduce the clock rate of a delay it’s a computer chip and not analogue.

  2. I liked that DC splitter she had, so she only needed to take up one wall wart of space running two devices. Where would one find something like that, or a 3-way one if you wanted to use the strega along with 0-Ctrl and 0-Coast?

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