Erica Synths Intros Two New Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Systems

Erica Synths has introduced two new modular synth systems: the Liquid Sky Noise System II, developed in cooperation with the Liquid Sky artist collective, and the Quadrophonic Surround Panner.

The Liquid Sky Noise System II, above, is the result of a cooperation between Erica Synths and the Liquid Sky artist collective. This is a modular synth-lab, dedicated to creating all kinds of abstract, organic sounds including analog noise, ambient soundscapes, industrial noise and ‘bad ass’ bass.


  • Fusion VCO2
  • Fusion VCF3
  • Fusion Modulator
  • Black Stereo Delay
  • Black Joystick2 – one of the main elements of the Dada Noise System II which allow automations in sound and effects, positioning in the quadraphonic room, or can function as experimental sequencer and sound source.
  • Black VC Clock
  • Black Modulator
  • Black Dual VCF
  • Black Quad VCA
  • Black Spring Reverb
  • Black Output
  • 25 patch cables

The Quadraphonic Surround Panner is an expander row of modules for the Dada Noise System II. When integrated with the Dada Noise System II, it extends spatial functionality.


  • 2 x Black Joystick2
  • 2 x Black Mixer/Splitter
  • 2 x Black VCA2
  • 2 x Black Stereo Delay

Pricing and Availability

The Liquid Sky Noise System II and the Quadraphonic Surround Panner are available now, priced at €3,320 and €1,820 respectively.

19 thoughts on “Erica Synths Intros Two New Eurorack Modular Synthesizer Systems

    1. you mean want,
      I only want the picture and the manual.
      I didn’t even “heard” most of the synths i have before having them, not to mantion saw them on videos.

    1. It’s designed for noise and experimental music, with some clever techniques you can generate sounds from modules that aren’t oscillators. You can ping a filter, use the delay for for some karplus strong sounds, use a cycling envelope as an oscillator, etc.

    2. lmao yeah, that’s absurd. for all the interesting and complex utility stuff this packs in, having just a single oscillator is just asinine.

      1. Wow really? I have 3 filters and no oscillators in my rack, who cares. All that complex utility stuff can be used without ’em, perhaps even more interestingly so.

    3. Depends on your go to paradigm. Sound is a function of spectrum over time. If you just mix many generators to shape your overtones etc. you need many vco. But one VCO can provide more then enough overtones to shape with all those filters and modulators. Especially once you go parallel in your routing. Isn’t that the wonderful thing about modular? That one does not just go the beaten path?
      Side note: the automation recording in the joysticks will be much fun for ambisonics configurations…

      1. I don’t understand this config either,
        1 osc and 3 filters
        erica has this lovely graphic osc in their line up …
        One filter less and one osc more?

        1. They’re not amateurs. It is just you having a hard time not no think in the obvious synthesis path.
          Many other modules are able to work within audible frequencies.

          1. If u use the envelopes for sound (Ems style) u are missing envelopes and things just drone on forever, u could modulate vca with something else but …
            If u use the 3 filters u only get fundamental and 2nd and 3rd harmonic or whatever u choose
            all these workaround don’t give you what an osc could do …
            Karpuls tin can rubberband string isn’t the most flexible thing in the world either
            Modulate whatever at audio frequencies gets u another weird am beep
            Recording stuff overdub into the looper is another limping workaround …

            Did I miss something?
            I Except lots of “experimental” not very musical beep beep and drones. Pretty expensive for that. Meh.

    4. I was wondering about this, but those (three!) delays have ‘hold’ and ‘add’ features that turn them into layered samplers of sorts. Not to mention feedback patches, Karplus etc. And multiple filters means more sine waves. Also, the fusion delay has a built in BBD circuit for supersaw type effects. It’s unusual, but it could totally work.

      1. I get that this is meant to be experimental but 1 osc remains 1 osc, beepy sinewaves and chorus are no alternative for another osc.

      1. Bang on the spring (here in feedback loop). Meh.
        Sure makes unpleasant noise. How often do u want to use that sound? Once? Never?
        You certainly don’t need an over 3000€ system to make unpleasant noise.

  1. I like Erica stuff. Awesome gear but…. “Quad system” is just a buzz word here

    In reality it’s just a Quad VCA and their 4 Quadrant Joystick bundled in with a huge amount of their other modules that have nothing to do with Quadrophony

    Any mixer or interface with 4 or more outputs is a potential Quad system as long as you have four speakers to output to. The joystick is just a manual control for the VCA (the volume going to each speaker).

    If you are thinking about it trying a quad setup – you can achieve the same with far less – you certainly don’t need two of everything like the Erica setup above

    You can get both a Doepfer Quad VCA and their new 4 quadrant 3D Joystick for €268 on Thomann

    Save yourself literally thousands of euro

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