Synthesist Steve Roach Launches Free 24×7 Ambient ‘Immersion Zone’

Synthesist and ambient/space music artist Steve Roach let us know that he’s launched a 24×7 Immersion Zone on Youtube (embedded above), which features his soundscapes paired with slowly evolving visuals.

The streaming channel builds on Roach’s Immersion series of albums and his Immersion iOS Apps, created with developer Eric Freeman, which generatively create unique versions of Roach’s music.

Here’s what they have to say about the new project:

“The Immersion Zone is a 24/7 streaming sanctuary of deep sonic submersions and infinitely evolving visual apparitions. This experience draws from Steve‚Äôs acclaimed long-form zones and from the four Immersion Station apps which offered an evolving mix of deep, dark and warm Immersion environments.

This groundbreaking collaboration between Steve and software artist Eric Freeman has now transformed into this new living breathing self-propagating realm. The Immersion Zone will stream 24/7/365 ongoing and continue to evolve with extended sonic and visual zones unique to this site. Nourish your own inner realms as the space we are offering is created to inspire a deeper peace, re-connection to the core and support meditations upon the edge forever…”

3 thoughts on “Synthesist Steve Roach Launches Free 24×7 Ambient ‘Immersion Zone’

  1. I’ve listened to this quite a bit over the weekend, and it’s really very good, the sort of project any musician/developer would be proud to have engineered & delivered. Really impressive that this is running 24×7 and of such high quality.

  2. PAiA, once upon a time, had a kit that produced evolving chords. I built one, and it was kind of interesting for a generative synthesizer. This “immersion zone” kind of reminds me of that.

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