Expert Sleepers disting mk4 Module Auction To Help Musicians

Eurorack manufacturers Expert Sleepers have launched a charity auction to support Help Musicians – an independent UK charity that has the goal of supporting professional musicians of all genres.

Expert Sleepers is auctioning several limited edition sterling silver disting mk4s, with the proceeds going to supporting the charity.

Here’s what ES has to say about the auctions:

The year 2020 was a strange and challenging one for many. For Expert Sleepers, it was a year of two milestones. Firstly, it marked 10 years of making Eurorack modules – our first hardware product, the ES-1, was launched in 2010. Secondly, the lifetime sales of the disting mk4 module hit 10,000 units. We’re proud of both of these achievements and very grateful to our customers for helping us get there.

So, partly in celebration of these milestones, and wanting to help those for who 2020 was not such a great year, we’ve created a very special limited edition of five disting mk4s, and we’re auctioning them off for charity.

The special edition disting, has a solid sterling silver front panel, hallmarked as such by the Edinburgh Assay Office. That’s 1½ ounces of precious metal! The panels are diamond etched with the usual panel graphic and a special ‘mk4’ logo.

All proceeds will be donated to Help Musicians’ Coronavirus Hardship Fund. In their words, Help Musicians are “an independent charity which aims to make a meaningful difference to the lives of musicians, offering a wide spectrum of support which includes: Health & Welfare services, Creative development funding, ground-breaking research, a mental health helpline for the entire music industry and an incredibly popular hearing health scheme which aims to prevent hearing problems that would otherwise bring musicians’ careers to an untimely end.”

There are five special edition modules available:

via Tom Slowcat

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