New VCV Rack Plugin, Substation, Inspired By Moog Subharmonicon

Slime Child Audio’s Coriander Pines let us know that they’ve introduced a new plugin for VCV Rack, Substation.

Substation is a collection of modules designed to create a subharmonic, polyrhythmic synthesis toolkit. While it takes inspiration from the Moog Subharmonicon Eurorack module, with a similar combination of clock-dividing polyrhythmic sequencers and oscillator + dual sub-oscillator voice, it’s an original design with unique sequencing & synthesis options.


  • Clock generator with sync and frequency multiplier
  • Three-track polyrhythm sequencer
  • Four clock dividers
  • Routing matrix with configurable logic
  • Adjustable range
  • Quantizer supporting just intonation or equal temperament
  • Voltage controlled oscillator with two subharmonic outputs
  • Primary oscillator plus two detuned subharmonic oscillators
  • Selectable waveforms: saw (with PWM), square, self-modulation
  • Phase-distortion synthesis
  • Chainable mixer with analog-emulated drive and saturation
  • Exponential attack-decay envelope generators with unique retriggering
  • Four-pole ladder lowpass filter
  • Non-linear response
  • Low CPU analog circuit emulation
  • Clean sine self-resonance
  • Linear voltage-controlled amplifier
  • Decorative blank panels

Price and Availability

Substation for VCV Rack is available now for $10 USD.

6 thoughts on “New VCV Rack Plugin, Substation, Inspired By Moog Subharmonicon

    1. Its the modular you always wanted. “I’d like a Rings please….. make that 2 Rings and a 4ms Spectral Multiband Resonator. How much is that? Free you say… I’ll take it!”

  1. Great instrument. I wasn’t in the market for a hardware subharmonicon, but this way it lets me experiment with that way of music making all the same for a fraction of the cost and allowing to keep my work . Love VCV.

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