Isla Instruments S2400 Sampler Hands-On Demo

Isla Instruments shared this playlist of in-depth demo videos for their new S2400 sampler.

Isla Instruments calls the S2400 “The spiritual successor to the greatest drum machine the world ever saw.” It builds on the classic design of the E-Mu SP 1200, one of the most iconic sampling drum machines ever created.


  • 4-piece Steel/Aluminum enclosure.
  • Mains Powered 100-250V AC.
  • Dual Audio Engine: 12-Bit/26.04khz Lo-Fi Engine (Classic SP Sound) and 24-Bit/48khz Hi-Fi Engine
  • Stereo Recording/Playback.
  • Channels 1-8 Pannable to Main out L/R Channels 7+8 can be ‘linked’ to support stereo audio content.
  • Headphone Output (9-10) w/independant monitoring of channels.
  • Dedicated Microphone Pre-Amp.
  • Looper Pedal Mode (with full duplex recording/playback).
  • Record and overdub live audio during playback.
  • USB Host & Device Ports: Connect usb thumb drives, keyboards, midi controllers directly into the SP2400.

Pricing and Availability

The Isla Instruments S2400 is available now for $1,499. It’s currently back-ordered because of demand.

19 thoughts on “Isla Instruments S2400 Sampler Hands-On Demo

  1. Been waiting for this to show up here. They put a lot of work into this product and it looks pretty enticing for a classic sampler with tons of updated features to modernize its workflow. Now for the production and fulfilling orders part.

  2. What kinda suck is that, if you order it now, then you have to wait 1-2 years before you get it due to the long waiting list 😉

    1. Yup! If you actually want it within a reasonable timeframe form date of purchase, you should wait 2 years. I will have one at some point.

    2. Someone I know recently got their S2400 and said he would probably not order it today. Who knows what tools you will want/need 2 years from now? If you’re a pianist or a cellist, it follows that you might want the same instrument 2-30 years from today, but a boutique, pretty limited sampler? I guess the plus is that you could probably sell it immediately for more than its retail price.

      1. Where did you ge that caculation from?

        From what I understand, there is still people who ordered from the start of last year who has still not received their S2400…

        Can we agree on that there is a difference between 4 and 12 months?

        1. They opened orders in July 2019 but didn’t start shipping until Dec 2020, hence the stories of initial long back order wait times. They have so far supplied about 5-600 machines and are ramping up production to fulfil the rest of the orders in the order play were placed. Within a few months they will be fully up to date. I suspect they will then wait until they have enough orders to produce another production run. This is a tiny company, operating from a converted garage in Florida. The machines are built by hand, they don’t have huge manufacturing facilities or millions of dollars of from investors to be able to afford to have warehouses full of stock ready to satisfy the instant gratification whims of people with the attention span of a goldfish. I waited 18months for mine and am happy it took that long because it resulted in an incredible machine. I am not upset for one minute that some could place an order today and only wait 2 or 3 months for theirs.

        2. Waiting list is no where near 2 years. There was initial pre order during development… that back log of units will likely be cleared within a few months. As the initial burst of orders has been already cleared and then there was another burst of orders around September I’d bet that by end of summer they will be fully caught up.

        3. He got the calculation from being in contact with Brad and being on the site/forum. The better question is where did you come up with 1-2 years? Right now the 2nd group of 500 units are arriving and being assembled to cover orders up through Jan 2021 and 3rd order of 500 is in production and expected to arrive in several months. It sounds like you are basing your calculation on the preorder status of the unit when it was still in preproduction from Jun 2019. The actual product wasn’t finished and ordered until sept 2020 and arrived in Nov 2020. Since then 500 units have gone out.

        4. It was a crowd funding project, so it was not even finished and in production until November. Everybody knew this, and paid less for supporting the idea from the start. So your calculations are based on an utter misunderstanding of what was going on. Hope this clarifies…

  3. i had the opportunity to use one for a few days and i have to say, the physical build quality is magnificent, many products throw around the term ‘built like a tank’ but this indeed is built like a tank. the buttons knobs and sliders are rock solid and smooth, the pads feel great. it’s just a beautiful machine.

  4. Good luck ever getting it. This company has a habit of taking FOREVER to actually get a product made and then refusing refunds when people ask for them 1-2 years later when they still havent gotten their product. Not talking crowdsourcing either, we are talking about website orders. The product itself looks great but the business management/customer service is more than a little questionable, beware.

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