Roland Intros JD-800 Model Expansion

Roland has introduced the JD-800 Model Expansion, the latest addition to their ZEN-Core Model Expansion lineup, available through Roland Cloud.

Based on Roland’s JD-800 hardware synthesizer, released in 1991, the JD-800 Model Expansion makes the design available through the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer and the Roland hardware instruments that support the ZEN-Core Synthesis System.


  • ‘Authentic sound’ with advanced modeling and original JD-800 waveforms
  • Includes 64 presets from the JD-800, plus 64 all-new presets
  • Detailed recreation of the JD-800’s two-stage multi-effects section
  • Over 90 onboard effects processors including JUNO and CE-1 choruses, SDD-320 Dimension D, SBF-325 flanger, and more
  • Clear, intuitive interface for free-flowing production
  • Expanded polyphony versus the original hardware
  • Swap Model Expansions and load sounds instantly

The JD-800 Model Expansion is currently supported with Roland’s ZENOLOGY and ZENOLOGY Pro software instruments and JUPITER-X and JUPITER-Xm hardware instruments.

Audio Demos:

See the Roland site for details.

12 thoughts on “Roland Intros JD-800 Model Expansion

  1. Well they finally did it! Good on them. Very tempting to get a Jupiter X to run this synth.

    I’d love to see a Boutique of this but I can’t see that happening. Anyway well done Roland there’s still a lot of love for the JD.

      1. Look I’m happy for you. It still is a mid-90s digi synth with limited waveforms (even for the time) and a filter that sounded like a broken CD when you swept the filter. The knob per function was the biggest plus and most people at the time tended to use it for the nice keybed and the occasional midrange pad but each to their own.

    1. Used it a years and I agree. Terrible Synth, very good looking and design but not a great Synth. Saved it by his massive control panel and if you work very very hard on it it´s possible get some interesting pads, textures, basses, etc. Surpassed 100% by Jd-990, much better synth.

  2. Strange that they not inclide JD-990 wavesforms and FXM. On, no strange. Wil be available as separated purchase in near future OR you can be subscribed.

  3. The stepping of the filter is a nostalgic trip to be left in the scrap heap of history. Otherwise, fantastic recreation. Could I have this for my Fantom soon please? The Roland subscription service may be the only one I’d consider. Mega bang for the buck. Long live hardware synths though.

  4. You probably won’t see a hardware re-issue. All of those sliders would demand a hefty price. It would certainly deserve an updated waveform set, but the current added demand for onboard step-sequencers and other goodies would make it even more costly. People want everything to DO everything now. This is more for focused, real-time keyboard playing, which is what makes it “90s” more than anything else.

  5. I guess what people like is the interface with a lot of sliders and buttons to hop across the tones.
    Sound and structure wise it’s not far away from jv 1080 that everybody hates for its 90s TV show sound …
    Roland is reselling these waveform samples since years and years, the only thing that changed is that the newer samples are less compressed, but it’s still the same samples 😉

  6. For god’s sake Roland – just reissue these great synths as hardware… Always wanted one of these! Software just doesn’t excite me at all.

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