Endorphin.es Ground Control In-Depth Review

In his latest loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz takes an in-depth look at the Endorphin.es Ground Control Eurorack step sequencer.

Ground Control is a 42 hp Eurorack performance sequencer that has 4 tracks: three melodic tracks and a drum track, consisting of 8 drum triggers and modulation/accent output. There are also dedicated mute buttons for each track, MIDI and USB-MIDI I/O, external CV and a 2-octave piano-style keyboard.

Topics covered in the video:

0:00? Intro
1:30? Overview
4:00? Workflow
5:30? Project scope
6:55? This setup
9:35? Arpeggiator
13:00? Live recording
14:55? Step seq
16:35? Drum seq
19:40? Performance
22:30? Load & save
23:20? Settings
24:35? Pros & cons
28:45? Outro track

For more info on the Ground Control, see the Endorphin.es site.

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