Popular Online Gear Forum Now ‘Gearspace’, Leaving ‘Slutz’ Behind

Popular online gear forum Gearslutz has announced that it is rebranding as ‘Gearspace’, after more than 18 years.

The site, which describes itself as ‘The No.1 Website For Pro Audio’, has come under criticism for years for its name.

Common complaints about the ‘Gearslutz’ name include:

  • It’s unprofessional – the site has grown from being a gear forum to being one of the world’s most important resources for musicians, so many think that they name should evolve along with the site;
  • It’s sexist – the inclusion of ‘slut’ in the name is offensive and exclusionary; and
  • It’s blocked at work – the fact that the name incorporates ‘slut’ means that it’s blocked by many company’s proxy servers/firewalls – so you can’t check out the site at work.

Site owners announced plans in January to change the name, in response to a Change.org petition.

Gearspace says that “Our aim is for the new name to be more inclusive and better suited to professional environments and the audio education world.”

The changes are expected to be completed by mid-April 2021.

122 thoughts on “Popular Online Gear Forum Now ‘Gearspace’, Leaving ‘Slutz’ Behind

  1. What about the modular synth forum with the stupid name? If the term “slut” is now reserved for women, so is the word “muff” and it should also be cancelled.

    1. The ‘cancelled’ term was created by right-wing snowflakes afraid of any accountability.

      It’s not like this will make the site any less sexist or homophobic.

      But show us where Gearspace hurt you.

      1. Actually the term cancel has been in English for a while. It’s borrowed from Latin via Anglo-French. The Latin cancellare means “to make like a lattice,” which in Late Latin took on especially a sense “cross out something written. Which is exactly what Gearspace is doing. In capitulating to social pressure they are showing that there is nothing they aren’t willing to do for the love of gear. In a way by changing the name they have never been more true to it.

        1. Never been more true to what? The name gesrslutz referring to the love of gear? Latin, the modern globally spoken accessible language lol. If you refer to real people in 2021, the word slut can be applied to many things and in the case of gearslutz it just means “people who like music gear a lot.” It does not mean ‘people who like music gear are sluts and female.” Im a coffee whore, it doesnt mean i drink coffee on a street corner whilst trying to attract a punter. People are so thin skinned and dont have common sense anymore. So sad,

          1. Nice analogy. In many circles it’s fine to talk about coffee wh***s and it wouldn’t be misunderstood.

            But if you were a music educator, would you say it to a big class of students? probably not. It would look like you were trying too hard to be funny.

            If you say to your disinterested boss “we’ve done the research and we should get this more expensive model because it is highly recommended by coffee wh***s”, it probably wouldn’t make your case very well and you’d end up with the cheaper model.

            Would you be happy if someone called your daughter a “coffee wh***”? probably not, but that one’s up to you.

            1. “But if you were a music educator, would you say it to a big class of students? probably not”

              I will just use the name and not thinking about it. I did it many times. Nobody ever asked about it.

            2. > In many circles it’s fine to talk about coffee wh***s and it wouldn’t be misunderstood.

              Coffee whisks are essential for foaming your coffee bowl, are completely inoffensive, and there’s no chance of misunderstanding here. Bach even wrote a wonderful piece about people addicted to their coffee bowls, whisking away each afternoon at the coffee salons.

  2. No big deal. I had the site pulled up a lunch once, and a co-worker thought I was looking at something illicit, and explaining it was not fun.

  3. This is where you and I could not agree more! Well said….there there!

    Accountability, honour, truthfulness, family values, transparency, patriotism, selflessness, courage, independent thinking….the list is long however we now have incontrovertible that these qualities were merely slogans for the right-wing snowflakes, they haven’t a clue they mean.

  4. It seems like they had to be dragged kicking and screaming into this decision, but it’s the right move.

    I would be very surprised if their daytime traffic doesn’t go up a lot. I routinely check Synthtopia and Sonic State in the morning, as a break at work (at a big US corporation). But Gearslutz is blocked and ‘Muffwiggler’ is just too cringey to pull up.

    I can only hope that moderators will up their game. There’s so much casual hate on the site, especially towards women and GLBT. It definitely makes me less interested in the site, just as all the hate speech on Facebook has turned me off to its forums.

    1. “especially towards women and GLBT”

      Nonsense. I’m active on gearslutz.com for about 15 years and i never encounter this.
      I don’t use facebook “forum” but it’s irrelevant to the actual site.
      The hate here on synthtopia is much higher (just say the “B word”)

      There is definitely some hate but it’s not based on gender. it’s mostly ego motivated, “musicians” today are just way too serious and lucking in self humor. always looking to complain or ban something, men too 🙂

      1. As a women who used to visit gearslutz: You are completely wrong. Hate based on gender is high, sexist comments are common-place in threads that you’d be hard to even get one in. That’s not humor. I left because I felt unwelcome & got too many creepy comments. But hey, sexism isn’t real, you tell ’em! Your opinion is reality for everyone!

      2. Ever considered you not noticing sexism in 15 years could have something to do with your inability to recognize it or experience it? Jesus christ.

        1. you “notice it” can have the same weight of me or anyone else not noticing it. If you want your words to have more weight (for me anyway) show me what you talking about.

    2. > ‘Muffwiggler’ is just too cringey to pull up.

      At work are you allowed to talk about that thing on the bottom of your car that the exhaust passes through which is designed to dampen engine noise?

      1. My coworkers are intelligent enough to have picked up on the slang meaning of ‘muff’ over the years.

        Not sure if you’re truly ignorant, or if you just like to feign ignorance. Either way, your opinion is irrelevant to this change.

        Sorry if that makes you sad!

  5. Wishing luck to any grown men trying to convince their wives that it should be changed from “space” back to “slutz”.

    1. challenge accepted and:… Success!
      Gearslutz are self proclaimed. You go there because you feel you are a Gearslut yourself. To connect to like minded people. A “space” does not appeal to me. I get images of sterile and hygienic computer generated “cozy” lobbies. The world has become a little less colourful.

      1. I want all the gear. I don’t care what brand. I’m not particular about that. I accept all brands and devices, big, small, ones with walnut and brass, and those with cardboard and balsa. I am a [redacted].

    2. Wishing luck to any grown women trying to convince their husband that there is nothing shamefull about the word “slut”

  6. Hooray, goofing off at work for the recording gear curious has been made “safer” for all! ?? Just don’t try to watch YouTube because something crass like the PEACHES “Pussy Mask” video will be pushed through as an advertisement without warning! ???? (no joke, this has been happening for the last couple days! the world is weird . . . .)

    1. Whining about political correctness just means you’re not willing to listen to what other people think. Grow up.
      And learn how to spell tyranny.

        1. You can’t spell, you can decipher between political correctness and inclusive nomenclature, what is actual liberty and what is oppressive, and generally you are guided by ignorance, idiocy, and your inbred sense of “culture”. By the way, your sister doesn’t count as your first “experience”.

    2. No tyranny at all, you’re totally free to not use the site if you don’t agree with the new name they picked for themselves.

    1. Bravo for using the trilogy of cliches: “PC police”, “free speech”, and “common sense”. Was this arrived at by using logic and reason?

      1. @Space Captain: People who embrace PC and cancel culture have not understood that one day they will a victim of these ideologies themselves, too.

        1. Like the original poster you are using phrases that are devoid of meaning or context, especially in this case. What is this PC or cancel culture in this situation? Why are they victims? Any reasonable person understands the roots of the names of both Gearslutz and Muffwiggler. If they don’t see an issue, they are either being disingenuous or lack a deeper understanding of the situation, either historically or in the current state. Either way, their opinion on the subject is not important. Culture changes as it always has and just because you disagree with it doesn’t make it wrong.

    2. Test,
      Agreed, the pc police, and cancel culture is completely out of control here in the US. You can be canceled, or an object canceled just by political belief. First Amendment, Second Amendment, The US Constitution, Christianity, National Anthem, Mt Rushmore, Dukes of Hazzard, Gone with the Wind, Aunt Jemima, Uncle Bens rice, Pepe Le Pew, Dr Seuss, The gender term, “Man” or “Woman”, “Boy”or”Girl, My Pillow Guy, There currently trying to figure out how to ban hetrosexuals, but still be able to perform abortions at Planned Parenthood

      It Never Ends, It grows, and grows, and grows. At some point, they will circle back, and come after the new name (Space), what kinda space? A space where certain people of a specific race, or gender talk musician gear, or, they might decide to cancel Music altogether. IT NEVER ENDS!

      1. > Agreed, the pc police, and cancel culture is
        > completely out of control here in the US.

        wrong. it´s the *decency* police that has won. thank god, mango mussolini is gone.

  7. Great news! Took them painfully long, but it’s the right move. Let’s hope the community manages to create a space that is inclusive to gear heads of all ages, genders and ethnicities.

      1. Many people felt excluded due to the sexist name of the board, which is one reason they changed it. You know that.

        1. I never felt exclude by name of a website, I don’t see how it is even possible and I’m not a white male.
          They changed it cause they whore pressured to do so with a petition. This is the only reason.

          1. “I never felt excluded, so no one can ever feel excluded”

            People like you are the problem. Not even allowing the ability for other people to have a different experience than you. Not even the ability to imagine such a thing as someone else’s experience. Bizarre.

            1. This is exactly what it is. my experience, my opinion.
              Can’t you see how ironic you blame me not “allowing other opinions” instead of accepting this is just my expericne and my opinion. yes, it’s different from yours.
              I will never use generalization like “people like you are the problem…” or say anything personal about anyone…

          1. No, you’re ill informed. There are three biological sexes: male, female,, and intersex. Gender is a social phenomena, all cultures “assign” people a gender on the basis of their sex at birth although people do not stick with the gender they have been assigned. That’s where we have trans folks, nonbinary folks, two spirits, and other genders besides “men and women”. Sex and gender itself is more complicated but that’s the general gist of it and I can say I made an effort to educate you. Reading your rant against PC culture, I doubt any of what I said will stick but it is what it is.

  8. people getting offended over the name sounds to me like little greta thunberg screaming “you stole my childhood”.
    these are the important battle you want to fight and win in your life?

    just in case, i am an adult black gay guy.

    1. You can’t say He, or She, they get triggered, I’m sure the little Green Martians won’t get upset by the new branding name “Space” but at some point, it will become an issue.

  9. Let’s see: Dr. Seuss voluntarily removes a few of it’s least popular and most cringy books, causing conservatives to lose their shit in the short run and buy a bunch of their products, and in the long run broadens their sales base. Sounds like it’s good for business.

    And then you’ve got Hasbro who voluntarily change the name Potato Head…and conservatives lose their shit and buy up a bunch of them, and in the long run broadens their sales base. Sounds like it’s good for business.

    No one is *forcing* this. No one banned the Seuss books, no Woke Army broke down the doors of Hasbro demanding Mr. Potato Head’s mustache be ripped from his plastic face. Two companies made decisions that would ultimately increase sales (and if they’re particularly cynical, profiting off the inevitable outrage)

    And then you’ve got GearSlutz who — sensing a theme here? — voluntarily change their name…and the predictable shit-losing commences but just like the previous examples it’ll ultimately be good for business.

    Maybe this isn’t about you and your god-given right to have things never ever change. Maybe this is about business.

    1. this is about Cultural Marxism. rooted in Frankfurt School and Critical Theory. but that might be too much for you. so go back to sleep.

      did you know: Math is Racist? Music Theory is a form if White Supremacy? Sheet Music is Racist?
      Beethoven was Black?

      Mask Up. Take Your Jab. Save the Planet: Eat Bugs. Trust the Science. Pronouns: useful/idiot

      > Voluntary
      “ You have a nice Business — shame if something happens to it. “ – Woke Mob

  10. good change! Love the new name and branding. For all the trolls complaining about cancel culture, grow up … this is accountability culture

    1. Generation and revoking other opinion is not a sign of maturity.
      On the same basis I could be offended you called us trolls just because we disagree with you.
      But I’m not, because i can accept we have other opinion and you can call troll to who ever you like.
      The real progress will be accept others opinion, not believing there is absolute “right and wrong”

      1. You hide behind the guise of maturity and inclusiveness with a hint of high mindedness of being accepting of differing opinions whilst the reality is that most of your post expose your bigoted, racist, misogynistic, and right wing hypocrisy.

        This is not about absolutism, however deny the notion that “right” and “wrong” exist is what allows you to peddle your hate, bigotry, misogyny, and hypocrisy. You have been exposed however.

        1. Right and wrong exist but they are subjective terms.
          for example, You have in your comment so much negativity, swearwords, name calling and lack of respect while you talk about “hate”
          right 🙂

  11. The Tipper Gore Puritans always gotta virtue signal as part of their obsession with totalitarian control over speech, all while chanting “think of the children!” which is the modern version of “burn the witch!”

  12. Completely regardless of the question at hand… I absolutely adore this display of unbridled hypocrisy by all the glorious progressive warriors here. The same people who casually label any dissenter as ‘self-appointed arbiters of good taste’, ‘negatives’, ‘grouchers’, ‘incels’, ‘KKK/MAGA haters’ etc., are completely free to throw around ad hominem attacks (such as ‘maggot’) and categorically dismiss anybody else’s opinion they happen to dislike – and do so with absolutely zero consequences – on the same board that’s become infamous for censuring the slightest personal attack when it comes from people they perceive as ‘not-their-side’.

    Yeah, sure: no hate is allowed in this utopia of positivity, and nothing can be criticized. Unless, of course, you hate on ‘the other side’, or you focus on one specific company run by one specific individual.

    You put so much effort into distancing yourself from Trumptards; I have only now realized you are forced to do so precisely because in reality, nothing distinguishes you from the MAGA crowd.

    1. It seems clear from your comment that you can’t handle people criticizing the things you believe.

      You even suggest ominously that there should be “consequences” for people that “categorically dismiss anybody else’s opinion they happen to dislike”.

      It’s called freedom of speech, baby.

      There are plenty of comments on this article from people for the name change, and plenty from people against it.

      Deal with it!

  13. For all the tough guys who are sick of this cancel culture snowflake stuff, I hear you! Please join my new sites GearNutz and SynthSchlongs.

  14. I applaud the name change. I think using the word ‘inclusion’ to describe it is a bit silly and not the most appropriate word to use as an explanation, and it’s funny because that’s what most folks seem to be really edgy about. It’s just using more friendly language, and i’m really not sure anybody can come up with a good reason against that.

  15. Many of the arguments against change presented here are typical of people who are entitled and who lack empathy and respect for anyone other than themselves. While freedom of speech might be the right to say that 2+2=5, it does not make it right. To ignore the voices of those that may have taken offense at the old name is tantamount to agreeing to accept systematic discrimination. It is easy to accuse people of being snowflakes or part of cancel culture where fundamental concepts of compassion, empathy, understanding and a genuine sense of engendering a positive community space that is inclusive and welcoming to all are lacking. Be responsible! Act mature! Listen to what people have to say in a thoughtful manner rather than just contradict it in a knee jerk reaction! Embrace diversity! Alternatively, revel in your bigotry.

    1. Just because somebody is offended by something doesn’t make’s it wrong. it’s just a word.
      Being offended by a name of a website is like saying 2 2=5.
      We should all respect each other but we can say respectfully, there is nothing to be offended about. We should actually appreciate the musicality of this word, SLUTZ I for one really like it.

      1. Gadi, you strike me as someone that would use the n-word and then say it’s just a word. Ad absurda, would you say that we can use the n-word and if people are offended, it is not wrong because it is just a word? Language is powerful and we need to be mindful of this and to say otherwise disregards the lessons of history.

        1. Andi, “gadi” has exposed his bigotry, misogyny, racist, and generally inbred views on this site on many occasions. He hides behind the notion of high-minded liberty and freedom of speech as a guise to spread hate and intolerance.

          1. Please go bark on the wall that pissed you off.
            You seems to not able to listen to other opinion that different from yours without vomit hate and negativity. If you don’t agree with me this is fine, you can say your opinion or ignore. It’s ironic you talk about tolerance.

        2. Andy, I was talking about the word “slut” in the context of a website name where the slutz is referring to the gear and not intended to be offended to anyone. We should not be offended by words that was not intended to harm. Words are nothing without intent. This is why they exist….

  16. Always a ton of comments on this stuff because (unfortunately) there is a lot of privilege and toxic masculinity in this community and (fortunately) also a lot of others in the community who fight against that sort of thing. From what I’m seeing, the arguments coming from the people complaining about the name change are loud but also very very weak and the arguments for the change are very strong and well articulated. I guess some people just don’t accept changes very well… Gotta be hard going through life like that.

  17. This kinda seems like if you and your friends started a dumb band just for fun with a ridiculous joke name , but then you actually get really big and needed a more “professional” name… and also it’s like 20 years later and the joke/style of comedy is really dated and isn’t even really funny anymore.

  18. People will cry “PC police” or “free speech” or whatever but being “poliitcally correct” is just another name for being RESPECTFUL. We live in a society, people.

  19. Lol. Even Gearslutz disabled comments in their video. What a weak bunch.

    And they claim they care about their userbase. They just wanna shove it through our throats without us talking about it.

    Maybe we should check who advertises on Gearslutz and not shop their products cause I rather not buy something it allows me to spreak freely without being shut down.

    Straight up capitalism taking place and nobody sees it. No wonder evolution is extremely slow.

    1. So what you are saying is that the Gearspace owners should NOT have the freedom of speech to name their site whatever they want to call it, but they should give YOU the freedom of speech to use their platform to take a dump on it.

      That sense of entitlement to say what you want without consequences, combined with a complete lack of interest in the voices of people that disagree with you, is why ‘evolution is extremely slow’.

  20. Sad days ..
    All this fuss about a word .
    Being compelled through intimidation to change the name because the inclusion of word slutz is supposedly offensive and exclusionary is just stupid .
    dont we have bigger problems to deal with ?

    1. Hopefully, yes. GS owner and mods (save maybe 1 or 2, like Don) have become such narcissistic schoolyard bully mentality d-bags (psycho monkey case in point), it has become one big pathetic cowering snake oil sales pitch forum.. brown nosing selectively sensitive USA 21st century dimwitted netizen PC SJW sociopolitical anti-white-male race baiting is at the core of it. Good riddance!

  21. I’ll never understand why people just don’t leave if they are uncomfortable? If you didn’t like the old name, why not leave and join a group of like minded people? And if you don’t like the new name, why not leave and join a group of like minded people? But people say “it’s the best site, I just don’t like the name, and it’s unfair to me to have to either put up with the name or use a “lesser” site”. :-/

    For places that are public and paid for by the public through taxes, like government websites, government buildings, city parks, highways, public transit, etc I think the tax paying people should speak up and seek change through legal methods if there is something that seems offensive or wasteful etc. But for privately owned things that welcome the public or individuals like enthusiast websites, grocery stores, event facilities, restaurants, hotels, airlines, personal vehicles, homes, etc, I feel you have only two choices, either accept things as they are and follow the owner’s rules . . . . or leave!

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