Moog Sound Studio Offers Turnkey Eurorack Modular System In A Box

Moog Music today introduced Moog Sound Studio, a new line of compact Eurorack synth systems, featuring two synthesizers, a new compact mixer, a cable organizer and other accessories.

Since Moog debuted their first Euro format synth 2015, their semi-modular synth line has expanded to become a full ecosystem, with the Mother-32, DFAM, Grandmother, Matriarch, and Subharmonicon. While these synths have been a hit with long-time Moog fans, the company has also found that users of any level of experience can get into these synths, with some guidance on how to build a system.

Moog has responded to this by developing the Sound Studio, which offers an all-in-one solution for synthesists of any skill level, along with tools to help new users get started.

Two Sound Studio options are available: Mother-32 & DFAM or DFAM & Subharmonicon.

Both options come with the accessories needed to set up a complete compact modular system, including two synths, a synth rack, cable organizer, mixer and more:

Here’s what Moog has to say about the Sound Studio:

The Moog Sound Studio offers a turnkey Eurorack modular system in a box.

“Each user begins their unique Moog Sound Studio journey by selecting an instrument combination to complement their musical style or sonic preference: Mother-32 & DFAM or DFAM & Subharmonicon.

Moog’s Mother-32 and DFAM synthesizers are a perfect pairing to anchor any electronic studio. Mother-32 is a versatile performance and production synthesizer with a powerful step sequencer and 64 slots of sequence memory. Its classic Moog voice delivers raw analog sound, deep Moog bass, and soaring synth leads, which complement DFAM’s rich analog rhythms and percussive patterns.

Subharmonicon is a rich sonic kaleidoscope of six-tone subharmonic chord shapes and polyrhythmic sequences. For a more experimental journey with unexpected textures and sounds, choose the magical combination of Subharmonicon and DFAM.

While each instrument is uniquely powerful alone, pairing two together creates an experience that will inspire you to create new sounds, unlock novel behaviors, synchronize patterns, and explore endless sonic possibilities.

Along with the chosen duo of semi-modular analog synthesizers, each Moog Sound Studio includes an audio mixer and power distribution hub, a two-tier rack mount kit, patch cables and a patch cable organizer, guided exercises and patch book, educational materials, games to encourage experimentation, custom artwork designed exclusively for Moog Sound Studio owners, and plenty of creative inspiration.”

Moog Sound Studio Accessories

The Moog Sound Studio introduces two new accessories: a new mixer/power distributor and a rack-mounted cable organizer:

We asked Moog if these will be available separately for existing Moog Eurorack system owners. They do not have plans to sell them separately at this time.

Explorations in Analog Synthesis

To celebrate the new systems, Moog has also released a seven-song EP that explores the sonic possibilities of both Moog Sound Studio synthesizer combinations:

It features a downtempo percussion collage from Bonobo, a neo-soul synth anthem from Peter Cottontale, a vocal drone from Julianna Barwick and more. Each track was built around the instruments and accessories included in one of the Sound Studios.

Pricing and Availability

The Moog Sound Systems are available now, with the following pricing:

  • Moog Sound Studio: Mother-32 & DFAM is $1,399
  • Moog Sound Studio: Subharmonicon & DFAM is $1,449

See the Moog site for more information.

24 thoughts on “Moog Sound Studio Offers Turnkey Eurorack Modular System In A Box

    1. My thoughts exactly – and the mixer, too. It’s too bad that they’re not offering the people that made their Euro platform a hit.

      I wish that they would support larger Moog Euro systems, too.

      You can use their existing stands to hold 4 of their synths and cases, but my system has outgrown that. I’d like a good solution for going taller – like a ‘mini-TONTO’ – vs spreading out wide.

  1. Ohh. I want more details on the little mixer/power distributor! That looks like a long-overdue piece of gear.

      1. it surprising that there not much in “one power supply” for all (or most) of your synth. you can use some of Cioks but they are not always powerful enough and can be expesnive.

  2. So let’s assume you’re a noob who bought a Werkstatt recently as their very first synth. Which of these two sets would you get next?

    1. Rather affordable compared to many other hobbies though. Check out the costs of horses, sailing boats or scuba diving gear for context.

  3. “Expensive hobby.” Ha, boy do I get that one. Yes, its pricey, but Moog gear holds up the rep with solid builds. When people complain about one feature or another, I idly wonder what makes up their rigs and why. After a while, you should know your goals. Mine make this about as useful as a third butt cheek, but if you’ve been aching to add some Moog to your modular, its brilliant. Its either this, software synths or all Volcas.

    1. I don’t think so,
      If this power supply / mixer is not OEM it took some work and time to design/make and it can be risky to stock it just for marketing…
      I notice many buy more then one of the “moog euro family” so it does make sense to bundle them together and they designed them to work together…
      Above all, the systems make sense from a musical perspective and the EP kinda prove it

    1. If you want to be superficial about it…
      I’m not usually a fan of moog products but they do seems to make an effort to do things inspiring like in the old days.

  4. I already have a Subharmonicon, so the DFAM/Mother-32 combo is looking really attractive.

    The ecosystems coming from Asheville seem incredible (I like the Make Noise 0-Cost/0-CTRL/Strega combo also…)

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