1010music Changes The Game, Ports ‘Doom’ To The Blackbox Sampling Studio

1010music has released free firmware for their blackbox compact sampling studio, ‘Gamechanger’, that lets you have some fun with the portable device when you’re not making music.

The new firmware lets you play Doom on the device, using the blackbox buttons to control the action.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“We may have exaggerated a bit in the video, but we do have a version of Doom shareware you can download and install on your 1010music blackbox, a compact sampling studio that lets you make beats and melodies wherever you go.

The 1010music team has ported the shareware version of Doom 1.8 to the blackbox platform.

Put Gamechanger firmware on a separate microSD card and you can swap between making beats and bringing on the doom whenever you want.”

The alt firmware is being made available for a limited time only as a free download for registered users of the Gamechanger forum.

Check out the video and share your thoughts in the comments!

10 thoughts on “1010music Changes The Game, Ports ‘Doom’ To The Blackbox Sampling Studio

    1. synthasis is a very serious, sober subject- no laughing! no jokes! you must take this very seriously because fun is NOT what music is about. don’t even smile! plus also, cocaine

    2. No. But also, modern processors are so powerful that porting Doom to work on any piece of random hardware is kind of a rite of passage for embedded system programmers nowadays, and a simple benchmark for lightweight hardware. There is even a blog devoted tot he topic. https://itrunsdoom.tumblr.com/

  1. This wasn’t actually an April fools joke. It’s a legit alternate firmware. I was playing this earlier today on my Blackbox

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