SoundQuest Fest 2021 Performances Now Available To Stream

Ambient artist and festival organizer Steve Roach let us know that the performances from Soundquest Fest 2021 are now available to stream.

The three-day online ambient music event, held March 26-28th, 2021, featured performances from ambient electronic musicians from around the world. The performances range from ambient space music to Berlin School style jams to microtonal soundscapes, and feature a huge variety of electronic music gear and other instruments played in creative ways.

“The event was was a groundbreaking moment for this genre of music,” notes Roach, “with a continuous 3-day flow of streamed performances, audio-video wonder worlds, Ambient VJ sets, interviews and music videos….”

You can view the performances on Youtube or via the playlist embedded below:

Featured artists include:

  • Robert Rich
  • Steve Roach
  • Michael Stearns
  • Erik Wøllo
  • Ian Boddy
  • Jeff Greinke
  • Chuck van Zyl
  • Serena Gabriel
  • Chris Meyer (Alias Zone)
  • Nathan Youngblood
  • Will Merkle
  • Caldon Glover
  • Tony Obr
  • Howard Givens
  • Madhavi Devi
  • Craig Padilla
  • Bluetech
  • Matt Black
  • Daniel Pipitone

6 thoughts on “SoundQuest Fest 2021 Performances Now Available To Stream

  1. Watched some of these performances live. I don’t usually like livestreamed concerts but it just seems to work better for ambient. Great event and initiative by Mr. Roach.

  2. Bookmarking these to watch this weekend.

    I caught a couple of these performances live last weekend and they were jaw-dropping good. Looking forward to watching more of them.

  3. seeing Michael Stearns perform live was a highlight and also felt as a genuine concert experience, which is a first for me in terms of live streams

    i am massively grateful to Steve for putting this together

    1. Totally agree with this, Michael Stearns was a highlight but everyone brought a great game. The different acts, the interviews and promos during the first hour and the live chat, gave it a live gig/festival vibe that was something unique but sorely missing in 2020.

      Kudos to Steve for arranging and making it free and inclusive.

  4. On the 1st video the musician has designed some quite gorgeous sounds. This man knows a lot about music, you can see that straight away. But in the end what really counts is the beautiful ambient music he plays. Thank you!

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