Free Book Offers A Deep Introduction To Synthesis

AudioKit developer Matthew Fecher let us know that they have released an e-book that offers a complete introduction to synthesis with the free, open-source AudioKit Synth One software synth.

The book is written by Francis Preve, a sound design rockstar known for his work for everybody from Ableton to Roland to Sequential.

Synth One: The Ultimate Guide is a comprehensive introduction to the basics of synthesizers and analog synthesis. The book covers everything from how filters and oscillators work to the details of the harmonic series and microtonal music. And, if you don’t already have AudioKit Synth One, it’s a free and open-source software synth for iOS.

AudioKit Synth One has been updated, too, to include a set of patches (“Synth Tutorial” bank) specifically designed for the lessons in this book.

Whether you’re getting started in electronic production or just want to learn more about how synthesizers work, this book is a great resource and you can’t beat the price!

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5 thoughts on “Free Book Offers A Deep Introduction To Synthesis

  1. It’s a trap! You get their free book teaching this stuff and it’s all about their product. So you have to get their product. Ah ha! That’s where they get you folks, that’s where they get you. Sure the book is free, but the synthesizer it’s about costs, oh about, um, hm… right. So it’s zero dollars, the synth is free.

    Never mind all that! It’s a trap! A trap I say! To prevent you from consumerism!

  2. Down loaded and it’s an amazing and extremely well done book and quite useful! Thank you I Audio kit and Francis Preve!

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