Free Software Synths For Windows

Ocean Swift Synthesis has released their entire line of software synths for Windows as free downloads.

The developers note that their products “were a labor of love and our babies” but that they’ve moved on to other development jobs. They add, “We would be very glad if people continue to enjoy them and be inspired by our sound and the passion we put into everything you can find there.”

OSS Enterprise, above, is a hybrid synthesizer exploring Vector, Additive, Subtractive & Wavetable synthesis.

Polyphenom is another hybrid polyphonic synthesizer, exploring additive, wavetable, subtractive and fm synthesis – with an extensive array of features, modulations and built in effects.

Other free synths for Windows include Aeolian Mediation, an additive synth; Defiant, a hybrid wavetable synth; and Shruti Box, a synth inspired by the traditional Indian drone instrument.

See the Ocean Swift site for details.

8 thoughts on “Free Software Synths For Windows

  1. Couldn’t find the system requirements for these apps. My ASUS 64bit laptop is topped out at windows 7. Wondering if these apps will work on my laptop. Is Kontack required for all these apps? I did go to the site and couldn’t find my answers. Can anyone tell me what the requirements are for these apps? Thanks in advance!

    1. I have the same setup, but no issues here, except loading patches was weird and some odd note-stealing on occasion.

  2. Polyphenom 2, Aeolian Meditation and OSS Enterprise installed fine on my windows 10 system (x64), VSTi versions run great in Reason 10.4 [ASUS gaming laptop], however, I had to input the serial provided on the download page the first time I used Polyphenom 2 and OSS Enterprise. Aeolian Meditation didn’t require a serial.

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