IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro (Sneak Preview)

IK Multimedia shared this sneak preview of their upcoming UNO Synth Pro, a new synth that features three wave-morphing oscillators, dual filters with 24 modes, deep modulation options, 3 effects slots with 12 effects, a sequencer with automation of 80+ parameters and MIDI/CV/Gate connectivity.

It will be available in two formats – as a keyboard with aftertouch and as a desktop synth module, with capacitive touch keys.

Pricing and Availability

The UNO Synth Pro and UNO Synth Pro Desktop are available to pre-order now, priced at 649.99 USD/EUR and 399.99 USD/EUR.

11 thoughts on “IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro (Sneak Preview)

  1. Sounds pretty good, look forward to some proper reviews. I would rather than not put the drum machine on the same video, I like to actually focus on the synth being demoed!

    Note the 649.99 EUR price is without VAT- so it closer to 780E retail (but I am sure there will be discounts!)

    1. the video only shows the pro desktop version, it’s 399 euro. I wonder if it’s still made in italy like the first uno.

  2. 750€ and 460€ in Germany. I think it’s overprized comparing to other analogue synths like Deepmind or Minilogue with a more practical user interface.

    1. firstly, synth are not really comparable, one can do what the other can’t regardless the cost.
      like guitar and a violin, they are about the same but not really.

      and anyway, any “synth” is overpriced if you compare it to the cheapest option from the biggest mass production brands. it seems like there is a logic that “all synth cost the same to manufacture relatively to the end price” and some just pump it up. it is most likely the biggest brands have the biggest margins.

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