iConnectivity Debuted Their AUDIO4c Interface With An Infomercial….That’s Actually Kind Of Awesome


iConnectivity has introduced the AUDIO4c – their latest multi-purpose audio and MIDI interface for Mac, PC iOS and Android – with an infomercial-style video that’s actually kind of awesome – not taking itself too seriously, while also doing a great job of highlighting the device’s unique capabilities.

The AUDIO4c features 4 XLR / ¼” TRS combo analog inputs, 6 outputs, USB-MIDI, and DIN MIDI connectivity, with application-tailored modes for streaming, recording and live performance. It’s designed to solve a variety of connectivity problems, like streaming from a wide range of inputs and platforms, DAW-free performance with a wide range of devices, recording to mobile devices and more.


  • 4 XLR / ¼” TRS combo analog inputs
  • 4 premium microphone preamplifiers with 48v phantom power
  • 4 ¼” TRS balanced analog outputs
  • ¼” stereo headphone output with independent mix
  • Multi-host Device ports – use 2 computer devices (Mac OS/Windows/iOS) at the same time
  • Host port for connecting up to 8 MIDI peripherals (with Class-compliant devices connected to a USB hub)
  • 1 X 1 regular 5 pin DIN-MIDI in/out
  • New improved Auracle software (Mac OS, Windows) makes it simple to set up and configure your whole system – which is also stored in flash memory on the interface
  • Audio and MIDI passThru routes audio digitally between two computing devices
  • Standalone computer-less operation – mix/merge audio and host 5 pin DIN + USB class-compliant MIDI
  • Comprehensive audio mixing and routing between connected USB computing devices and analog outputs
  • High-resolution audio – up to 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA conversion
  • Capacitive touch user controls

Pricing and Availability

AUDIO4c is available now, with a street price of about $399.99 USD.

9 thoughts on “iConnectivity Debuted Their AUDIO4c Interface With An Infomercial….That’s Actually Kind Of Awesome

  1. I had bought the iConnectivity iConnectAudio4+
    What an utter piece of crap, the service was shitty as well.
    Never again, I shudder when I think about the time I wasted with that lemon.

    1. As Mio 10 owner, I 100 % dont agree with your comment about their service. I find it find it ok on their Facebook group.

    2. Definitely not my experience. Their support team took the time to walk me through a complex setup in a video chat last year. Can’t imagine getting that level of service from a a mass-market brand.

    3. Maybe you’re not very experienced with that kind of complexity. And maybe you hadn’t the time to get really into the stuff. Or you weren’t mentally prerequisited enough…who knows…
      But – like a lot of other users here – I can only give absolutely first class comments about iconnectivity products and their service. A great company with great people developing great gear!!! A big ‘Thank you’ to them!!!

  2. Can’t speak for their service because I never needed it but I loooove my iConnectAudio4+. I use it primarily for combining and sending midi between 8 midi devices, a computer and an iPad. The software is a bit arcane and definitely takes some considerable time to become proficient with, but the hardware is rock solid and the fine grained controlled routing of midi data between devices is incredible. Honestly I love mine, it allows for a computer free setup that otherwise would be painful to manage. Audio quality is perfectly adequate too, I sometime use my iPad as a send effect with the 4+ handling in/out from my mixer, works great.I also had their original midi only device, it was quite good but I upgraded to the 4+ because I wanted audio routing. My only real complaint is the cost of the proprietary lightning to USB-B cable required for iOS devices, but you get one for free in the box so it’s not a huge pain.

  3. This does absolutely everything I can think I would want to do currently. I need to update my iPad to the base Euro 400 model when playing live becomes a thing we can do again so although I love the functionality, the price stings a teeny bit IMHO. Bones of Euro 800 to get where I’d like to be… eeek!

  4. iconnect makes great things, and has not let me down in 6 years of heavy road use. Had 2 Iconnect 4+, and an iconnect 2+ for various routings, and triggering with ios and handling multiple din midi across the stage. This looks killer! Way to fill a niche – my Roland GoMixer ive been using for web is tempermental, and overloads easily which is frustrating.

  5. I’ve got an old-school iConnectMIDI interface and it’s fantastic – it just does so much useful stuff and has been rock solid.

    This one looks like it could be a major upgrade, but I’m also really interested in the new router from the NDLR guys.

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