OXI ONE Sequencer In-Depth Hands-On Demo

In the latest loopop video, host Ziv Eliraz offers an in-depth look at the upcoming OXI One step sequencer.

OXI Instruments today launched an IndieGoGo campaign to fund production of the OXI One, a powerful step sequencer that features four independent sequencers, LFOs, arpeggiators, configurable CVs, randomization features and more.

Check it out and share your thoughts on the OXI One in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:20 Grid layouts
4:15 Sequencer types
5:00 Harmonizer
6:20 Build
6:55 Connectivity
8:15 Random perform
9:20 Random generator
10:25 CC perform
11:20 Arpeggiator
12:15 Global controls
13:20 Shift workflow
15:50 Sequencing
20:00 Arranger
22:45 LFO
23:15 CV & MIDI routing
24:55 Misc
25:25 Pros & cons
30:45 Outro track

18 thoughts on “OXI ONE Sequencer In-Depth Hands-On Demo

  1. I have mine on order and am really looking forward to getting hold of it!. The campaign is already 7x overfunded (pretty close to getting a free case!) and I am not surprised…very responsive developers and a massively featured product (the ultimate step sequencer for me) with some real innovation and not rushed to market, they seem to have been collecting ideas and making improvements for a very long time before launch

    Great job, will more people buy it please so we can get the next bonus (single cable connection to Eurorack breakout module!) and there is even talk about making the pads velocity sensitive If enough people pledge….

  2. If they drop the price to €500,- max I might try one out. I like te fact that it has a screen which is important.
    If only Novation stopped their bs and did the same thing.

    1. Screen or cheaper: Chose one! If Novation added it, they’d have to make things more expensive. And it’s not just the added cost for material and manufacturing. You need more designers, programmers, writers and translators, customer support… The beauty of their controllers now is they work without any language.

      1. This is the problem. People downplaying the need for a screen. There is no reason to think that Novation can’t do it. No reason that suggest it would make things so much more expensive. And absolutly no reason that no screen is better when a device has limited buttons and knobs. Just all nonsense by fanboys where nothing is based on facts.

        Take an hour and check all the equipment out on the market that has a screen. Are they all expensive? Absolutely not. So that would kill any claim that it would.. Nope.. cause fanboys. I feel the problem with companies making these terrible choices comes directly from their fan bases. We invested money in it and therefor can get extremly biased denying the design has big limitations. This leads to people saying things like “Yeah but the randomness is what makes it so cool you just don’t get it!”

        So why would Novation do more if it’s so easy to sell devices with limited functionality? Why not stay limited and find ways to lock people in an ecosystem. Btw has anyone already opened up the Circuit. Tracks to see what’s under the hood. I’ll bet it’s not that expensive and we’re already paying premium. If we as users want the best tools for music than we should speak up and not fall for all that marketing nonsense and fanboyism.

        1. Insulting me as a fanboy and downplaying my personal views as marketing nonsense…way to make an argument. I am not investing any more time in a conversation of this type, but I recommend you take a deep look into the history of electronic instruments and see how many of them needed a screen to make sense.

          1. To be fair, launchpads and even illuminated step sequencers are not really instruments, they are just controllers…most of the time launchpads etc are plugged in to something with a screen, normally computers! I have a circuit tracks and it is perfectly useable without a screen though good design (and it is very cheap for what you get) The Synthtrom Deluge on the other hand had a screen that was so cryptic as to be as good as useless to me, and that was a grand!

        2. If you don’t like Novation products, there is a daring step you can take: don’t buy them ……
          If you are a fanboy of screens, thats fine, but to make that personal choice *the* guiding fact for everybody else is kind of strange. There is a huge selection on the market for sequencing from Live (which requires a screen) to Dark TIme or Ornament (which not even have a seven segment display) and DIY options/ kits (which allows to make it exactly as you like it) – so no need to complain.
          Actually the closest to this one seems to be the Polyend – which has a screen.

    2. I like Novation (and have both the Circuit Tracks and Pro MK3 Launchapad), but this is a totally different product range. Novation have nothing like this controller…no one has anything like this controller for 530E, perhaps any price.

      There is the Deluge but that is also a synth and the Pyramid that I can think of- both closer to a grand and neither have the CV output or harmoniser etc.

    3. Novation have nothing like this step sequencer…no one has anything like this for 530E – You are looking at something more like a Polyend SEQ or even Deluge (without the internal sound engine)

      This has USB and socket Midi (Hardware synths and VSTs), BLE Midi (iPads etc) and 16 ‘assignable’ CV’s – which is purge gold t for the Eurorack Word! Metal case, OLED screen, rechargeable battery….super advanced and flexible multitrack step sequencers with chord entry from database and harmoniser…it really doesn’t get any better…unless they make the pads velocity sensitive which is a stretch goal!

  3. I can hardly think of anything that I may want to do with my rig and this thing does not offer. Given the functionality packed in this thing and the build quality, I find it fairly priced. A device like this solves the problem I have in using a number of limited sequencers (keystep, sq1, rytm external seq) for an array of potential sound sources. It may be a high investment for a device that is not an instrument, but it would pay back in consolidating and unleashing the potential of my rig that is all over the place. I guess there must be other people with the same problem as mine: accumulating sound sources and trying to keep the computer away…

  4. Only 99 left now…one this run is over there wont be any for a while (according to the Dev’s)…
    As it is now 1000% (!) subscribed you now also get a free travel case!

  5. this looks nice, I like the form factor the ability to run the modular and hopefully Ableton.
    its between this and the key step pro for me.

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