Tone2 Icarus2, “The Most Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer On The Market”

Best Service has announced the availability of Icarus2, a major update to the powerful software synth workstation.

Icarus2 offers 54 different synthesis methods and provides a gigantic sonic range – including 3d-wavetable synthesis, 53 effects, a vocoder, hypersaw, 62 filter types and more. The audio engine can create classic synths sounds, but also has the range to let you create unique original sounds.


  • Icarus2 is described as ‘the most advanced wavetable-synthesizer on the market, but not limited to wavetable-synthesis”
  • The audio-engine can do 54 different synthesis modes
  • The 3D-wavetable-synthesis allows a new dimension of dynamic expression
  • High-end sound-quality with low CPU-requirement
  • Easy-to-use interface with animated displays and context-sensitive help
  • Wide sonic range
  • Over 1600 presets
  • GUI with 12 sizes, 3 zoom-levels and 26 color-schemes
  • Drag & drop modulation
  • Drum-sequencer with 100 drum-patterns
  • Powerful arpeggiator with autochord-support, shuffle and swing
  • 3 x 53 effects, vocoder
  • Glitch-sequencer
  • 10x stereo hypersaw, unison, stacks, chords
  • Polyphonic, monophonic, several legato modes
  • Dual multi-mode filters with 62 filter-types and 8 distortion-types
  • Customizable user-interface
  • Expandability, modular

Pricing and Availability

Icarus2 is available now for $169.

9 thoughts on “Tone2 Icarus2, “The Most Advanced Wavetable Synthesizer On The Market”

      1. If it has the most advanced microtuning of any synth on the market, that might be a good thing to mention in the features list, as opposed to making prospective buyers RTFM to learn such things. Would only have taken one more bullet point.

        But let’s not escalate. Looks like a cool synth. I’m intrigued to learn more about this microtuning implementation.

  1. As always, the devil’s in the details. These descriptions are scant on details when it comes to features like microtuning, polyAT/MPE, release-velocity, and mod matrix features like secondary (depth) control sources and curves.

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