New Creative Hardware Looper & Delay, Loupé

Glou-Glou has announced that Loupé, a new hardware looper and delay effect, will be available starting May 15, 2021.

In addition to standard looping features, Loupé lets you overdub, replace, substitute, multiply, stack and more, with up to 127 levels of undo.


  • 48khz / 24bit Stereo audio
  • 32 MB of RAM (86 seconds)
  • 2 Selectable Line / Mic Input
  • Pulse Sync Out, adjustable PPQ
  • Expression pedal Input with 3 dedicated modes
  • 9 assignable switches (5 footswitch + 4 tactswitch) can be individually set to toggle or sustain
  • Switch configurations are stored in 99 GAMES (50 factory, 49 user).
  • Classic EDP* Functions: Record, Overdub, Replace, Multiply, Insert, Trig, Mute, Start.
  • Up to 127 levels of Undo.
  • ReadFX: Pitch, Reverse, Stutter, Drift, Auto-Follow, Redux, Pitch Modulation (Sine, Random)
  • Adjustable High Pass and Low Pass filters in the feedback loop.
  • Adjustable Quantization of Functions and ReadFX.
  • Unique SCROLL function lets you move the playback loop around in the memory.
  • Audio Bootloader for easy update (future versions of the os).

Here’s a demo by Hainbach:

Pricing and Availability

Loupé will be available in limited quantities starting May 15, 2021, with the following pricing:

  • Euro Zone (500€)
  • Rest of the world (650$)

7 thoughts on “New Creative Hardware Looper & Delay, Loupé

    1. The expanded EDP from 2003 had 35-ish megs in it. This ought to have more, I agree.

      What really gets me is that it’s a full-featured BIG looper with ZERO midi functionality. Even the Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro has midi, and controlling that over midi was so fucking rad.

      If you want sync it has to be sync out, always, and you can’t remote anything.

      I suspect we’ll see this looper in different “packages”, and one of those might be midi clockable and CC-able. It’s a shame this one isn’t, because I’ve been waiting for someone to do stereo Echoplex-y things for a long while now.

  1. Its clearly a very well thought-out tool. I’d like a little more display territory, but when do we not? The rest feels good. A looper can be a show-saver, too. Even if a couple of things momentarily blow out, a basic loop can be an interesting life saver. You can do numerous fun things over it and the audience will never know you had a gear oops.

  2. Well, the launch was pretty much a total server crash. Amusing to watch in real time, but not much fun if you were trying to order one. Hopefully, they will go into serial production at some point. Very nice to see somebody (finally) do a re-launch of the EDP functions in a looper.

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