New iOS Synth, Euclid Goes to Party, An ‘Instant Techno Bassline Machine’

Developer Cem Olcay has released Euclid Goes to Party, a new AUv3 iOS synth with built-in Euclidean sequencer.

Olcay says that the result is ‘Super simple and super focused’, so you can create techno bass lines instantly.


  • PWM oscillator with Euclidean sequencer.
  • PWM controlled by an LFO with adjustable range and PWM amount.
  • Envelope generator has adjustable attack and decay portions. It also controls the filter modulation.
  • Euclidean Sequencer with up to 32 steps – create polyrhythmic variations with irrational step/pulse combinations.
  • You can rotate the sequence left or right and create a different rhythm with a single step
  • The note rate of the sequencer can adjustable with the rate stepper for faster or slower sequences.
  • AUv3 plugin that you can open in a host audio app like AUM, Garageband or Cubase.
  • All of the synth and sequencer parameters are accessible as Audio Unit parameters. You can automate the parameter modulation on supported host apps or you can control them with MIDI CC messages.
  • Ableton Link support

Pricing and Availability:

Euclid Goes to Party is available now for $4.99 USD.

6 thoughts on “New iOS Synth, Euclid Goes to Party, An ‘Instant Techno Bassline Machine’

  1. Looks awesome! I’m a total newb to iOS audio—does anyone know the background program application this is running in? Thanks!

    1. It did inspire me to experiment with Rozeta Rhythm+LFO and Troublemaker Modded. Quite flexible. Pairs well with Euclidean rhythms on drums/percussions (e.g. Ruismaker).

      To me, the most important feature in Bram Bos’s sequencers is “mutate”. Keeps things interesting for quite a while, in a Leonard B. Meyer “expectation” sense, which goes well with the typical “music theory YouTuber”.

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