Recreating Isao Tomita’s Iconic ‘Whistle’ Patch

This video, via Synthesizer Reviews // Tips // Patch Tutorials, takes a look at recreating the iconic ‘whistle’ patch heard on many of the late Isao Tomita‘s recordings.

The patch builds on a diagram provided by Tomita to Allen Strange for his book “Electronic Music” 2nd Edition.

While the video demonstrates the patch with an MU format synth, the same general pproach should work with a Eurorack.

3 thoughts on “Recreating Isao Tomita’s Iconic ‘Whistle’ Patch

  1. That was fun to watch, even if we do have “That Sound” in many places now. Its good for several things with just a little tweeze here or there, like surreal choir layers. Full disclosure: I can get very close to this with most synths, but modular has those last two bits of greeze nothing else can provide. Tomita really classed up the joint with those delicate touches.:)

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