Free Noise User Oscillator For The Korg NTS-1

NOISE is a free white noise user oscillator for the KORG Nu:Tekt NTS-1 digital synth kit.

It’s based on the sine_test code in KORG’s logue-sdk. Parameter A has no effect on the sound, while parameter B adds soft clipping to the white noise core signal, slightly boosting the level, reducing the dynamic range, and adding some extra overall presence.

You can use NOISE along with the NTS-1’s filters, envelopes, and effects to create a variety of timbres including percussion, sweeps, and more. Or use it with external synths such as the KORG Volca Modular.

Pricing and Availability

NOISE is available now as a free download. If you like it, you can make a donation to help support the developer’s work.

8 thoughts on “Free Noise User Oscillator For The Korg NTS-1

  1. I have had this item for at least 10 months, but I’m still unable to run the editor and the drivers in Windows 10…
    I’m using it as is it but I would like to try some 3rd party OSC one day… :\

  2. For some reason Korg windows usb drivers are terrible on all of their products…apparently a windows update broke them a couple of times and you can get them working, there is some sage advise on the wavestate forum.

    I got mine working and the NTS is amazing

  3. A dev platform with NO debug capabilities (save for hooking audio output up to oscope). What a great concept! BTW, I made my own noise osc using linear feedback shift registers. HammondEggs used a large table for one of his mod plugins – no need for that.

    I’ve said it many times now, but Korg really needs to step up its software/firmware game. Look at the sdk and programming thread on gearslutz (or whatever it’s called now) if you don’t believe me.

    Pajen brought functionality and fixed bugs on the volca sample and fm firmware that should have been there out of the box. What is going on? We’re going backwards instead of forwards in so many areas…bizarre.

    1. Sadly, 1st gen innovations are usually a hack job.

      Still, I LOVE this Prologue 16. I will be writing code for this as long as it lasts.

  4. Yes, great free stuff- picked mine up for £80 from Amazon once I found out you could load MI Plaits oscillators …but have been using it it more for the amazing FX (stunning reverbs) may have to get another one!

  5. The Korg USB driver for windows has always been a disaster. It’s because Korg cares about Apple first.

    I THINK its related to not plugging the device into the same USB port everytime. And there is some sort of windows limit to the amount of USB ports an app can touch. It’s very strange. Last time mine wasn’t working, I uninstalled all Korg products, went into the windows registry and did a search for “korg” and deleted every key in the registry containing it or referring to it. Then I reinstalled the korg driver and everything worked fine.

    I would advise leaving your korg devices always plugged into the SAME USB port. Swapping ports around could be the problem.

    I’m no expert, I’m playin this by ear as well. And I’m not rich enough to afford Apple products, so this is what we got.

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