Microtonal Tuning On Vintage Analog Synthesizers

The latest Musician Paradise video takes a look at playing microtonal music using a vintage analog synthesizer.

This approach should work with any vintage analog synth that offers a self-resonating filter with filter tracking. It requires learning new keyboard fingering, though, and is limited to equal temperaments.

Check out the video and share your thoughts on this approach in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Microtonal Tuning On Vintage Analog Synthesizers

  1. Why have i never thought of that!

    You can do that on moog mother & grandmother & matriarch with the attenuator and some patching.
    Then you can even play the oscillators microtonal!

    1. I’ve got a Grandmother and would love to try that. Could you please explain how you’d patch to control the oscillators, not just the filter, in quarter tones?

      1. i don’t have it but i looked at the front panel and you can try a cable from the arp/seq kb out to one of the the attenuator input under utilities,
        attanuator output to one of the mult connections,
        2 mult connection to the oscillators pitch in 1/2,
        and 1 mult connection to the filter cuttoff in.
        make shore the KBD track of the filter is off.
        you will need to find the the “half tracking” by hear with the utilities attenuator knob.

  2. Clever and effective.
    As much as I like the Xen community, what I enjoy even more are practical methods to open our ears to diverse tuning systems.

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