Elektron Intros Power Handle For Model:Cycles, Model:Samples

Elektron has introduced the Power Handle BP-1 for the Model:Cycles and Model:Samples, a combination handle, stand and power supply.

The Power Handle attaches to your device and can be used as a handle, or folded back to be a stand.

The handle holds 4 AA batteries, which allows your device to be used anywhere you like.

Pricing and Availability

The Power Handle is available now for 515,00 SEK (about $62 USD).

33 thoughts on “Elektron Intros Power Handle For Model:Cycles, Model:Samples

  1. Woah, that’s really clever and reasonably priced. I really like it when manufacturers surprise with unexpected accessories (or powerful firmware upgrades).

  2. Not a huge fan of the Model line and I REALLY wish they would just produce a new, innovative flagship box (Octatrack V2 or performance mixer, please) but this is, as stated above, a reasonably priced, clever product.

    1. I would love Elektron to make a sequencable multi effect mixer box. A bit like Effectrix or Glitch VST in hardware form.

  3. Now we wait for the next “model” bundeled with this, do we?
    (…and ofc the existing models bundeled.)

    1. Custom rechargeable batteries are the devil’s work.

      Get yourself some Eneloops and you’ll never go back. They’re cheap, they last a long time and you can recharge them something like 2,000 times.

  4. I would offer the opinion that Teenage Engineering has influenced Elektron in a way I am not a fan of

    or perhaps it just seems that way in the end result

    whatever the case – id agree that id rather they go back to making things like octatrack, monomachine, analog4, etc. etc. – instead of aiming at the lower end of the “me too” market

  5. This makes me think of medical equipment in a hospital. More unpleasant than clever imo.
    Paint is so expensive nowadays…

    1. I got to say, I think the medical equipment look is kind of cool. I don’t know that I’d want an entire studio that looks like an operating theater… But now that I say that out loud I’m starting to mentally design my dream cronenberg techno lab

  6. Why is everybody saying this reasonably priced ? it weights not even 100 gramm and is just a connector for using batteries ( which are not even included). I think 19€ would be more than enough.

  7. My powerbank and cable for the model:cycles were less then $10. Apple Elektron T.E. Like to push the boundaries of overpricing accessories. Look at the price of an elektron replacement psu, it’s insane. That company from Pyramid sequencer shows that it does not have to be like that.
    Not to mention the form over function factor (like elektron’s stiff rubber buttons).
    P.s. its ugly the blanc steel.

    1. i think the look is very nice and practical. the cable on the side is debatable…
      your power bank is probably a mass manufactured product so it’s not surprising it is much cheaper and it’s just means you do have other options, this one is not a “must”, whoever needs it will buy it and it’s also gives a nice tilt, i also prefer the ability to upgrade the rechargeables.

      same goes for the power supply. you don’t have to buy from the manufactures. it’s not such a good deal for them as well. don’t compare it to apple. you can buy one with the same specifications for about 30 euro, like meanwell.
      40 euro for the original elektron 20w psu is not that expensive. the pyramid one is much smaller, lower quality and for a much less power angry products, not comparable.

  8. Ordering a new 5v. power supply for model:samples/cycles costs 52 euro 20 euro shipping= 72 Euro.
    yes a 5v power adapter!

    …and you think they are not “mass manufactured products”?
    I guess they are handcrafted in a sympathetic Swedish wooden shed then, right?

    Dealing with greedy brands always has a certain effect on me. and i guess others too

    p.s. whats up with the video? Can hardly see that hipster broomstick

    1. if you asked people on the street what they know: “elektron power handle” or “usb power bank” what do you think will be the answer?

      the “power handle” is not a mass manufactured product, nothing by elektron is and it’s not comparable to your cheapest lowest quality 10$ power bank you can find. i don’t know where it manufactured but country of origin is more of a side effect of demanded quantities. i will not be surprise if it is made in sweden.

      if you need a power supply for your modal sample you can buy whatever good quality 5CDC1A center positive you can find. no need to have it from elektron. they buy it for about the same price like you just to have this service for people who insist to have it from elektron with elektron sticker (that been probably tested with the machines) check how much “discount” you get for 1000x psu on mouser, it’s not that much.
      they probably prefer to not offer it and have only product they actually manufacture but it’s mandatory to have spare parts on your website. manufactures always charge much more for product they don’t manufacture because they must work on much higher margins of a shop/dealership, it’s not like apple, they don’t manufacture it. it’s not a big part of their income, and you don’t have to buy it.

      some much bigger manufacture like korg (center negetive 9V with uncommon plug) electro-harmonix (9.6v psu) or apple (spacial chip in the cable) try to make it much harder for you to have a decent psu for less. go bark on them.

  9. Wow.

    So you say they order their 52 euro 5v. Adapters on ali-express themselves?

    The infamous elektron forum is by far the most un-adult and mob-like audio forum that i know.
    Please don’t bring that attitude here.

    Moving on.

    1. i don’t know much about elektron forum but i presume it can’t be much worse than here?

      i tried to explain it to you nicely and logically but you seem to be emotional and prefer to hate what you don’t understand. if you getting “personal with me” i don’t care to do that anymore.

  10. My bad. Correction:

    The Elektron model: samples/cycles 5v replacement adapter is €52 plus €20 shipping = € 72
    The Squarp Instruments Pyramid 5v replacement adapter is €12 plus 2,80 shipping = € 14,80

    Now that’s a sympathetic young and tiny company 🙂

    1. we need the exact part numbers of the psu’s they offer to compare it. for example, you can find a 5vdc with free shipping for little as 5$. does this makes squarp greedy?
      you also missing other variables like test reports needed, logistic of shipping and so on. maybe it’s a completely different situation for them, you simply don’t know the details.
      saying so decisively elektron are greedy is the usual commenters hate nonsense. and for what? you prefer complaining instead of acknowledging a better solution?
      they can charge 1000$, who cares, you don’t have to buy it. you have other great option like meanwell, a good low noise power supply that will cost you about 20$ before shipping from mouser (or as an accessory from other greedy brand’s for 40-50$ 🙂 )

      1. It seems pretty unlikely to me that their material costs are significantly higher than Squarp’s, but your last point is the most important. This is a highly optional component with lots of alternatives. Calling it greed makes no sense because they are (probably) not making a fortune off PSUs since there are generic alternatives, as you point out.

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