Lunacy Audio CUBE Lets You Explore Sounds Through A 3D Interface

Lunacy Audio has introduced CUBE, a new software instrument that lets you create and explore sounds through a 3D interface.

CUBE maps samples to the corners of a virtual ‘cube’, and then lets you explore the sonic space as you ‘move’ within the cube.


  • 100+ Sampled Instruments
  • Over 3000 samples with multiple dynamic layers
  • 400+ Presets
  • 40+ Orbits – Creative motion presets for transforming your patches
  • 8 Samplers – Each with an arpeggiator, filters, envelopes, step sequencers, reverse, monophonic, glide, pan, and tuning
  • 13 FX Modules – Filters, Visual EQ, Saturation, Waveshaping Distortion, Bitcrusher, Compressor, Chorus, Phase, Delay, Algorithmic Reverb,
  • Convolution Reverb, Limiter
  • Powerful Modulation System – 4 detailed LFOs, macro control, and a beautifully-designed modulation matrix
  • Custom Graphics Engine – A proprietary OpenGL graphics engine for visualizing your presets and transforming your sound in real-time
  • Orbit Customizer – Build and save your own orbits from scratch with per-axis control
  • Randomization Algorithms – Quickly create new patches by randomizing sounds, orbits, and FX
  • Eco-Mode – A special CPU saving feature that minimizes RAM usage and CPU load
  • Custom MIDI Control – Set global CCs for the Orb position and main page controls

Pricing and Availability:

CUBE is available now, for macOS and Windows, for $249 USD.

6 thoughts on “Lunacy Audio CUBE Lets You Explore Sounds Through A 3D Interface

  1. What Reaktor patch lads, please? Hadron (free) can also do this; as can Krotos’s Reformer Pro (not cheap). This looks intriguing from Lunacy, but I don’t have $250 going at the moment.

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