Secret Friend For The Elektron DIgitone

As part of an “Eternal quest for turning the Digitone into the drum machine of my dreams”, Ylva has introduced Secret Friend, a Max For Live drum pattern generator.

Secret Friend can generate bass drum / snare / hi hat, tom and clap patterns for the Elektron Digitone. It can also rhythmically sequence the Digitone FX.

It can be paired with Ylva’s Temporarium Secretarium Digitone drum patch generator to generate drum kits, patterns & drum parts quickly. It will also work with other MIDI-capable devices.

Here’s a live set by Ylva, LYV 2, featuring the combination:

Pricing and Availability

Secret Friend is included as part of the €7 LYV 2 download on Bandcamp, which includes the audio from the performance above, the Secret Friend Max For Live device (requires Live 10 or higher and Max For Live), and the full Digitone live set project.

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