Berlin Synth Super Store SchneidersLaden Open Again

Berlin synth super store SchneidersLaden has announced that it has opened its showroom again.

“My beloved specialty store will now reopen again for our beloved customers after this long abstinence,” says HerrSchneider. “From next Monday, June 21st – beginning of summer – we will be back for you.”

Appointments are now required to ensure that only a few people are in the store at the same time and that the staff has time for your questions.

See the SchneidersLaden site for hours, contact info and other information.

21 thoughts on “Berlin Synth Super Store SchneidersLaden Open Again

  1. i´m sorry, but this whole schneider thing reminds me of an absurd personality cult. nick batt started it with his running gag (“look, there is herr schneider”). lets face it: schneider´s shop is supersmall. if you are in berlin and you want to test/play synths in order to purchase one, go to just music´s flagship shore in the district of kreuzberg (7k square meters, 6 floors).

    1. Just Music is a big corporate chain store that features a mainstream product selection. They have some friendly people in the synth department, but are generally much more invested into guitars and keyboards. Schneiders Laden on the other hand is stuffed to the rim with obscure modular gear by even the smallest independent manufacturers, and the folks working there are highly enthusiastic experts and musicians themselves. Schneider was the first dealer to promote analog and modular gear way before any of the big stores did, and he deeply influenced the work of many electronic musicians in Berlin with his work and shop. We may go to Just Music to buy cables and perhaps mainstream synths (although DAX in Friedrichshain often sells them at better prices), but for boutique gear, musical inspiration and networking with fellow musicians, Schneiders Laden is the place to be.

      1. more then 90% of just music is not related to synths so why should we care about the size of a shop? like it has any meaning.
        schneider supported many small one man brands before youtube exist, way before alex4 he was the distribution (or partner) of many interesting brands, selling to other shop like analogue haven in the us. still today there are some things you will only find at schneiders laden demo, especially if you into modular.

        1. Exactly! I went to Musikmesse in the early 2000s and Schneider was already there repping indie analogue and modular synths with his Superbooth while everyone else was still peddling fugly plastic workstations and romplers. It was my first encounter with underground synth culture, and although I did not understand it back then as a teen, I remember it being the most vibrant and creative space in the whole event.

          1. Hey guys please remember “ragnhild” is the guy who hates every synth without display here on synthtopia, in my opinion the biggest troll here, don’t feed him please.

            1. > “ragnhild” is the guy who hates
              > every synth without display

              true, but not only synths. sequencers and grooveboxes also. speaking of trolling: in my mind, novation is trolling its customers by not releasing a version of circuit that has a display.

              1. And I would never buy a circuit if it had one, but happy with mine. Hate’s a big word to use for something that matters so little.

    2. James says that the place changed his life which is a big thing but You know better. What is the purpose of such negative comments? Can we just all have our favourite stores?

    3. …it is supersmall? The modular section of Just Music is way smaller.
      so nothing to face…enjoy your time at Just Music.
      I prefer the Kotti-Style SchneidersLaden with it´s lovely people working there!

    4. It seems absurd what You are saying actually. Have You ever bought anything while You were there? I’ve ordered from them and they have excellent customer service and sent me modules twice that got to me in NY faster than some US stores. And they always seem to have things in stock which is no easy task for places that carry eurorack.

    5. What a totally skewed and completely unfair comparison. Not to mention completely absurd. What even about Nick Batt? How has his mentioning Andreas Schneider’s name anything to do with what how popular his store his store is?

      You’re talking about the difference of going to like McDonald’s or a local Bistro

      Schneider’s store is popular because it’s been selling eurorack and obscure indie synth products for over a decade (to me at least, I first purchased from them in 2011). Their selection of stock is miles ahead of any other supplier because they are top of every manufacturer’s list. Their shipping is prompt and reliable. In store the atmosphere is relaxed, they have excellent service, will talk to you and demo the gear if you don’t know what you’re doing and they look after the gear

      Not to mention he has the respect of the entire euro makers community and organises SuperBooth

      I’ve been to Just Music too. A security guard greets you and takes your personal belongings and makes you put them in a locker before you are allowed use the gear. They gear is always in a mess or patched in some way that it’s difficult to make sense of. There is never any body close at hand to demo or talk you through a piece of gear because they are usually busy in the other more popular parts of the. The headphones are always shitty and falling apart. The Seaboard I used there was so hammered to shit by passers by it barely worked. Plus it had filthy muck all over it from a thousand crusty fingers. It totally put me off buying one for years until I finally got to try a decent one.

  2. Always wanted to visit that store but the only time I’m in Berlin is during Super booth and I guess the store is closed when the trade show is going on?

    I wanted to bring a piece of Schneiders style to the Netherlands and make it work here for the biggest music stores in our country but the ‘owner’ at that time just had no clue or interest and it was such a massive frustration to work for him. I hope Schneiderladen has a long future ahead. Schneider to me is someone that deeply cares for the synth community and that’s rare these days.

  3. I remember my first visit. I asked the lady if she can recommend something to get into modular. She instantly recommended me the O-Coast. I should have listened to her advice then 🙂 Great place. All the best!

  4. > Schneider was already there repping
    > analogue and modular synths while
    > everyone else was still peddling
    > workstations and romplers.

    i prefer the latter. sound-wise, both my fantom and montage kill any of your tiny boxes. i can make actual music with my workstations.

    1. i guess we all just play with analogs and take pictures of our expensive setup for instagram while you are making true music

  5. SchneidersLaden is a great shop and I have always found the people friendly and approachable. I have hung out there a bit and enjoyed a drink there and have seen some interesting demos of equipment. The gear is there and you can get your hands on it and hear it. An asset to Berlin. I once got beaten up by riot cops just round the corner in about 88 . But that is another story and world away from hipster land.

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