Novation Circuit Rhythm Sampling Groovebox Now Available To Pre-Order

Novation today officially introduced the Circuit Rhythm, the third groovebox in the Circuit family.

The Circuit Rhythm keeps the streamlined grid-based sequencing interface of the original Circuit, but focuses on sampling and sample sequencing. Instead of offering two synthesis and 4 drum tracks, the Circuit Rhythm features 8 Flexible Sample Tracks.

With the Circuit Rhythm, you can record samples directly to the hardware, then slice, sculpt and resample your sounds. You can record performances quantized or off-grid, and arrange them with eight sample tracks. You can also add effects, including lo-fi tape, beat repeat and more.


  • Record samples directly to the hardware, then slice, sculpt and resample your sounds. Slice, reverse, loop, play chromatically, and more
  • Perform with grid FX
  • Make beats with eight sample tracks, each with their own 32-step patterns, chainable for up to 256 steps per track.
  • Capture your groove quantized or off grid into the sequencer, and keep your beats evolving with probability and pattern mutate.
  • Effects – add reverb and delay, make your mix pump with sidechain, and add punch with the master compressor.
  • Comprehensive connectivity – Connect to your studio with full-size five-pin MIDI in, out, and thru, and analog sync out. Sample to mono, or monitor through stereo out or with headphones.
  • microSD card slot too save and access thousands of samples and projects.
  • The built-in rechargeable battery provides up to four hours of battery life


  • 32 RGB backlit velocity-sensitive pads
  • 28 RGB backlit tactile click buttons
  • Power button with charge status LED
  • USB-C socket
  • Kensington MiniSaver slot
  • MicroSD card slot
  • 3x MIDI DIN (In, Out, Thru)
  • 3.5mm sync out
  • L/R Sample In Pair
  • L/R Audio Out Pair
  • Headphones out
  • 8x endless encoders with RGB indicators
  • Master volume pot
  • Master filter pot with centre detent

Official Demos:

Here’s an example performance, Falling Petals, by Enrique Martinez:

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Falling Petals:

Pricing and Availability:

The Novation Circuit Rhythm is available to pre-order for $399 USD. It’s expected to be available in July 2021.

26 thoughts on “Novation Circuit Rhythm Sampling Groovebox Now Available To Pre-Order

  1. I can only think of a Circuit Pro. Something that uses slightly smaller pads but doubled in no. of pads (width-wise), with capabilities of both Tracks and Rhythm with more functionalities to boot!

  2. Still no screen. We have to remember all these shortcuts and shift+ combinations. Time to question your product team: do we really save on removing $5 screen and loosing millions of customers who buy Elektron devices instead?

    1. Circuit was incredibly simple to learn…Like, incredibly easy. And I am QUITE certain that the Circuit has sold wayyyy more units than the overpriced Elektron machines. Your argument is false and boring.

    2. the circuits is what it is. if you looking to find fault and not dig into all it’s all other unique features you probably wouldn’t buy it anyway. people who complain about a screen absent are usually people with principles that based on theory and not necessarily actual use. the circuits give enough feedback that you wouldn’t need it and since there is no screen it’s even easier and much faster workflow, but you will probably never know that since you will be more focus on why it’s not for you, i guess it’s not and “if it’s not good for you, it’s not good for “millions”…

      even if you have allot of experience in product development it’s pretentious to question novation product team like that, have some modesty.. this people have lots of experience and probably know what they are doing (and you probably didn’t even read the manual before commenting)

      btw, the elektron modal series is currently a sell failure, especially compering to the circuit.

      1. You couldn’t be more wrong. Even the OG is frustrating without a screen.
        No screen doesn’t mean faster workflow, it means limited workflow and lots of frustrations.
        It also forces people to be locked in with Novations software which also means you end up with an even bigger screen and not really have a stand alone device with full control.

        Also no batterij replacement (not user friendly), no built in audio interface (it’s 2021), very limited sampler features because Novation refuses to add a simple display. And the list goes on.

        Is it cheap? Most reviewers say it is but I don’t see it that way. It’s an expensive device at 399,- were you end up buying more gear or replace it with something more mature. Think ahead.. You end up spending more because of the limitations. Buying a Digitakt which walks circles around this thing seems like a way better deal money and feature wise and it’s only about 200,- more if you shop around (less if you find a used one). Even the Model Samples is way more interesting. Sure it doesn’t have inputs, but it’s 100/150,- cheaper than Circuit Rhythm.

        Its just sad that Novation isn’t releasing a mature version of the Circuit. People including myself have been wanting a Pro Circuit since the first day the OG came out. To me the Circuit Rhythm feels like Novation isn’t even trying but just looking for ways to make to the most profit.

        1. it’s ironic you don’t seem to notice you present the exact way of thinking i was talking about, listing things you think are missing like it’s injustice, not taking the time to use and understand the product and get use to it’s well thought out workflow, compering it to other product with many cons and pro’s, not considering all the wonderful things you get (how can you without using it)
          saying others agrees with you…
          did you read my comment? 🙂

          it may be not for you but you can’t say “i’m wrong”. i enjoy it and don’t miss the screen or any of the feature you think should be basic, sorry but i get bored with this kind of thinking based on theory’s when i enjoy it on a daily basis and get amazing result, not to mention fun to use.
          it’s pretentious to think you know something without owning it and using it regularly.
          even if they put x100 new features that will blow your mind you will still dismiss the product because it doesn’t have what you think it should have like a screen or audio interface, trying to normalize everything to your way of thinking. not considering what you miss.
          i know it’s poplar to say whatever comes do mind on the comment section and again maybe it’s really not for you, but if you talking about novation, i would advise more humility in your replays

          1. Lets try one more time.

            If you were offered 2 devices which did the same thing but one had a screen for reference don’t tell me you would get the one without a screen, specially on a freaking sampler or a groovebox with a full featured synth in it!

            For what it is at this price they could’ve added an audio interface with ease.

            The OG also had batteries which if you used the right ones could last you a day easily. The current Circuits have a built in battery which will only last 4 hours max and you can’t replace it. That’s not user friendly so screw that.

            Nobody is asking for 100x features. Lets start with basics features like a screen. 😉

            And I saw you mentioning the Super 6 not having a screen. LMAO I mean now you’re just straight up trolling aren’t you?

            1. What people like Champ and Ragnhild ignore is the obvious – the Circuit was designed to see how far you could push the paradigm of a screenless, grid-based groovebox.

              And no one can deny that Novation has succeeded tremendously at this and that the resulting device has been hugely popular.

              Making the Electribe clone that Champ and Ragnhild want would have been a lot more obvious move, and probably a lot less risky. But the developers’ choice to make a screenless, grid-based groovebox forced them to do the work to make it usable and fun to work with. And Novation created a new category of devices, as a result.

              A lot of people said similar things about the iPad. “Just let me run real apps!” “Don’t put artificial constraints in place!”

              But the constraints are what have forced Apple and third-party developers to be creative and make touch-based apps that not only do not suck, but have created new application paradigms.

              If Apple had just done the obvious and made a touch-screen Mac, like many ask for, all the innovative multi-touch iPad apps would never have existed – you’d have the same situation as on Windows.

              1. Never did I say the Circuit should be an Elektron copy. I only said the Elektron boxes can do so much more and start at a cheaper price point as well.

                And yes you can only go so far without a screen. The original OG already showed the flaws. It’s borderline crazy to keep denying that’s not the case. The Circuit Tracks & Rhythm show again why it’s not so great.

                The Super 6 has lots of knobs and buttons, the Circuit simply does not. What you end up is knobs doing random stuff. Comparing the two devices is just ridiculous. Btw a display on the Super 6 would’ve still been welcome. It doesn’t have to be big just take a look at Sequential where it’s not distracting and just makes things easier.

                It’s just crazy to keep defending Novation when 3 times in a row they showed how no screen has big flaws. We’re not talking out of our asses here. If the proof is there and you’re still going to stay in denial than I guess good luck being stuck in that bubble where you keep twisting reality.

                1. “It’s just crazy to keep defending Novation when 3 times in a row they showed how no screen has big flaws. We’re not talking out of our asses here. If the proof is there and you’re still going to stay in denial than I guess good luck being stuck in that bubble where you keep twisting reality.”

                  Sorry – but you are the one “talking out of our asses here”, as you say.

                  The Circuits have been a break-out success – without a screen and without a lot of unnecessary complexity. They’re hugely popular because a lot of musicians find them simple to use, quick to work with and powerful.

                  They’re so successful that Novation has made three variations on the device.

                  If you’re going to deny that the Circuits have been selling like hot cakes, that they’ve done so well that Novation has made three more Circuit models, and that there are videos all over Youtube demonstrating that lots of people are smart enough to make music on the Circuit without a screen – then “good luck being stuck in that bubble where you keep twisting reality”.

                  The foundation of your argument is denying reality, which means you’re never going to build a solid case.

                  Maybe you should just say that “The Circuit isn’t my thing & I don’t understand why people like them so much.”

                2. you talking about twisting reality and “facts” but you don’t have any real experience with any of this machines. have you ever heard about scientist who don’t do experiments? you don’t know what facts are.
                  are you fantasize about the lack of screen when you use it?
                  you say “stuck in a bubble” but you can’t accept not everything should be like your expectation. seriously, are you trying to be so ironic on purpose?
                  it’s all very tiresome, this is something that is so intentional by the maker, it’s not a corner cut, it’s a different workflow on purpose, allot of people don’t want screens, this is one of the reasons the circuit line is a success.

            2. if you want something specific like you described, go buy it. elektron make wonderful machines and there are many other good offers.

              no trolling, the udo6 comment is spot on, you mirroring your own traits or got use to argue. the creator of the udo-6 said he didn’t want a screen because he wanted to make an instrument to be played and perform with muscle memory, it’s absent is obviously not a question of price.

              a device without a screen but with many knobs, buttons and pads can be faster to use and more performance oriented since the workflow is optimize to work without it’s feedback. the circuit is the perfect example. you try to make the circuit something it’s not.

              there is no such thing “basic features”, it’s not supposed to be your only device, it’s not a daw or an audio interface. it will be great if they added features based on experience that improve its unique way of doing things, but not based on commenter who can only read features and love to complain to try to make everything boring.
              different is good and it brings more options, this is what you miss since you based your assumptions on theory and not on actual use.

    3. Pianos and guitars don’t have screens either, yet people seem to have no issues memorising all these chords. It’s an instrument, you have to practice and build a little muscle memory to play it. That goes for your beloved Elektron boxes too by the way, they are not much fun without any experience either, and the screens do not replace practice.

  3. For some of us it’s the absence of a screen that’s part of Circuit’s magic. This version is more / less exactly what I want my OG Circuit to be in that generally I don’t use the synth but adore making beats with it. Go Novation, go!

    1. The only magic is marketing. It has kids brainwashed believing no screen is a feature and continue turning knobs where they have no clue what it will do. Magic! lol

      1. if you think they cheap on a 1$ screen you don’t understand the product. it’s not a feature, it’s just another way to do things you seems eager not to agree with, the most suited after music machines of all times don’t have a screen (i guess udo6 also cheap on a screen on 2000$ synth, right…)
        if you don’t like it, don’t buy it, it seems you try to brainwash others to your way of thinking.

  4. “sTiLl nO sCrEeN wHy?!”

    It’s easy to miss the point of the Circuit series and why it is such a success. There are dozens of benefits to choosing the “display-less” design Novation did and create workarounds but I’ll list a couple:

    1. More affordable, giving more people access to samplers for music making like this.

    2. It ages better. Think of how frustrating it is to execute a simple function with 1/3 tap success on the Akai Force.
    Display technology gets way better each year and it’s so tough to keep up with display standards when you just want to create a musical instrument, not a computer.

    3. BYOS = bring your own screen. Components is a work of genius that loads on desktop or in Chrome. It is a fine synth editor, template creator, content cloud and conversion tool for over a dozen Novation products now. Seriously, check it out and look at all the hard work they put into this thing.

    4. The pads now serve many functions, including abbreviated text to show useful info without an OLED display. It’s efficient and more responsible with the resources that go into making a piece of music tech like this.

    It’s okay if the Circuits are not your thing and you NEED the visual feedback that screens provide. But understand the Novation is not beholden to your cries to influence their design. It’s a good design and you need not lambaste the maker of what has become an electronic music staple for thousands of people.

  5. Whilst I greatly enjoy my Circuit Tracks, which is a huge improvement on the first version, this one just looks too complicated to me, particularly the sample editing. The limited polyphony (1 voice per track?) is also a show-stopper, feels like the Circuit is overall the better option.

    1. they are different machines for different tasks so compering them doesn’t make much sense unless you only consider the look or just want to make sounds no matter how
      the monophonic tracks is a drawback but it is very likely they will update it since its clearly have the power inside to play multiple tracks.

    2. This is a sampler, so it plays one sample per track. That sample can be monophonic or polyphonic – just like old-school samplers.

      So if you want chords, you just sample a chord or you resample a polyphonic arrangement. Different than what you’d do with the OG Circuit’s synths, but basically the same thing people have been doing with samplers for 40 years.

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