Novation Circuit Tracks vs Circuit Rhythm

In his latest loopop video, synthesist Ziv Eliraz does a head-to-head comparison of the two new grooveboxes from Novation, the Circuit Tracks and the Circuit Rhythm.

At a high level, the Circuit Tracks is an evolution of the original Circuit’s dual synth engine + 4 drum tracks design, an the Circuit Rhythm is a sampling groove box sequencer. But there are lots of differences between the two models, and differences with the original Circuit.

This video looks as the similarities between the Tracks & Rhythm, offers an in-depth look at sampling with the Rhythm, and discusses some of the pros and cons of the two devices.

Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
1:30 vs Tracks
5:55 Similarities
6:20 Connectivity
7:40 Sampling
10:55 Trimming
12:30 Sound design
14:15 Live slice
16:55 Grid FX
20:55 Sequencing
22:25 Sample flips
24:05 Drum pad seq
24:30 Note repeats
25:45 Seq params
26:50 Mutate
27:40 Pattern settings
28:50 Automation
30:05 Mixer
30:50 Effects
31:50 Sidechain
32:50 Patterns
33:50 Scenes
35:25 Misc
36:20 Pros & cons
40:10 16 Songs


10 thoughts on “Novation Circuit Tracks vs Circuit Rhythm

  1. one thing that I ma not seeing that I am curious about is whether you can stretch/sync looped samples – in other words can you have a 90bpm and a 120bpm sample and have them stretch to a measure or over 2 measures etc in order for both the loops to be in sync a la the way a clip works in loop in ableton

      1. yeah I was just hoping since this is a purely sample based unit that it would allow stretching, obviously the others don’t do anything like this as they are really intended as 1 shot with extended function

      1. that is unfortunate, i like a lot about it from what i see but wish i could use it to do live loop sequencing/chopping.

    1. Awesome, can’t wait to try it! Circuit Tracks is a great experience so far. Rarely came across an instrument that is so instantly rewarding. I love that there are no distracting screens or menus.

    2. i guess your opinion doesn’t worth much since they sell well but maybe you can use your “workstations” to send program change? 🙂

  2. I know they’re keeping the price down, but these units could use even a tiny screen. I liked my circuit, and while the interface was clever, it never worked for me; almost like Morse code.

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