Behringer 2500 Series Clocked Sequential Control Module 1027 Now Shipping

The original ARP 2500 Module 1027 Clocked Sequential Control module.

Behringer today announced that its 2500 Series Clocked Sequential Control Module 1027, a Euro format knockoff of the Clocked Sequential Control Module 1027 from the classic ARP 2500 modular synthesizer, is now available.

The 1027 module is an 8-position step sequencer module, featuring 8 rows of 3 controls. This gives you three sets of adjustable voltage outputs for each step. It can be clocked via an internal oscillator or external clock.

The 1027 is designed to be used to control other 2500 series modules, including the 1026 Preset Voltages or 1050 Mix Sequencer modules, but the company says the module is fully Eurorack compatible.

The most notable changes from the original ARP module are reducing the number of sequencer steps from 10 positions to 8, and changing the design to use patch cords vs the original’s matrix patching.

Pricing and Availability

The Behringer 2500 Series Clocked Sequential Control Module 1027 is shipping now, priced a $149.

19 thoughts on “Behringer 2500 Series Clocked Sequential Control Module 1027 Now Shipping

  1. “I hate you. I hate you. I don’t even know you, and I hate your guts. I hope all the bad things in life happen to you and nobody else but you.”

    -Player Hater of the Year, Silky Johnson

  2. Behringer are really going for it this week. I wonder if theyre going to keep this release/announcement schedule going for a while.

    1. (This might be a duplicate post) what will thry do when they’ve cloned everything? I’d like to see them making more original synths. I’m sure their sales figures are telling them what’s most profitable. Also it shows how conservative the synth buying public are by not wanting original instruments (or is that when’re the likes of Korg and the boutique manufacturers step in?)

      1. B answered that question for us already. They’ll just change something minimally, and re-release it saying ‘its the closest thing to the original ever, even tho we claimed that already with the previous release!” 🙂

        Seriously, this is so unsustainable as a long term business model. You cant sell a new upgrade just a few years later if we’ve all choked to death on the fumes from the factory 😀

      2. Many of these have never been available to more than say a few hundred or thousand people. The Prophet 5 sold around 10,000 units. Some, like the 2500 modules, we’re talking low hundreds. Also, most of this technology being cloned has been the backbone of all the major electronic music for the last fifty years. Your argument is ahistorical.

    1. It’s definitely dumbing the module down, but having 10 steps would probably be confusing to a lot of people that would buy this.

  3. Did someone else notice those PPG Wave looking modules in the background at 0:20?
    You heard it hear firs folks haha

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