Artisan Electronic Instruments Nucleus Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

Artisan Electronic Instruments – the creator of the Ottava hybrid synthesizer and the Baroque analog synthesizer – has shared a sneak preview of Nucleus, a new analog hybrid desktop synthesizer:


The Nucleus promises to offer a wide range of sonic possibilities, with three oscillator types:

  • Osc 1: Analog Saw Core with Wave-folding & PWM, Sub Osc 1 with its own Low Pass VCF
  • Osc 2: AnalogSaw Core with PWM, Sync and and FM
  • Osc 3: Digital wavetable + Noise Source

Other features:

  • 3 input Digital Ring Modulator
  • 8 Pole Multi-Mode Dual Peak Filter
  • VCA with soft and hard clipping distortion
  • 4 ADAHSR Envelopes with variable shape
  • 3 LFO with key-sync and delay
  • Modulation Adders, multipliers, lag, contouring….
  • Full MIDI interface
  • User selectable CV In and Out
  • 100 user patches and built-in standard patches
  • Over 60 Modulation sources
  • Over 35 Destinations (all simultaneous)

The Nucleus will initially be available in as a Eurorack/Desktop module (prototype shown above).

But Artisan also plans a keyboard version:

The keyboard version will be available in 4- and 8-voice versions. It uses the voice card of the Nucleus module, so offers the same synthesis capabilities, but with more controls.


  • 4 to 8 voices
  • 5 Octave FATAR keyboard with Aftertouch
  • 64 step 2 channel sequencer can act as a modulation source to over 100 parameters!
  • Additional knobs and switches for more direct live control.
  • Inboard power supply.
  • Built in Digital Effects

Details on pricing and availability are still to be announced. See the Artisan site for more information.

18 thoughts on “Artisan Electronic Instruments Nucleus Synthesizer (Sneak Preview)

  1. Congratulations to Mike for all of his dedicated efforts, a truly gifted synth designer and a congenial fellow as well!

    1. Thanks. We are very proud of the Nucleus. It has really taken our designs to the next level. We think it has an amazingly wide range of sonic possibilities not normally found, especially in something this compact.

  2. “Sinfonia to Cantata No. 29”

    There is a difference between that and a few boring notes. Seriously, just pay someone on Fiver to transcribe/play it to MIDI, and then multitrack it in a DAW. If Two Set Violin and others can easily find someone for under $100, every single instrument maker should be able to find talented people.

    I honestly don’t understand why there are so many instrument makers whose demos sound like they came from one of the Korg Volca synths.

  3. The keyboard version looks like a repackaged access virus, but with a built-in seq. At least they made a 5 oct keybed + built in PSU.

    LOVE the Oct up/down symbols!

  4. I’d have to hear more demos of this synth to become interested. It is definitely quite ladened with capability. Aesthetically it’s nice in its design and layout of controls. I’ve got big hands ….

  5. It’s a sneak preview so maybe the preview will have better audio quality and full capabilities demonstration. It’s always nice to get the creator’s intent with their device, but this video seems to be lacking in that front.

  6. i like that people finally understand the importance of “seeing” the preset you edit with “o” led rings
    I usually prefer encoders but pots with o rings and hopefully pick up mode will be great too.

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