1 in 20 Attendees At Dutch Electronic Music Festival Gets Covid

DJ Mag reports that The Verknipt Festival, an outdoor electronic music festival that took place in the Netherlands in July, turned out to be a Covid festival, after 1,000 coronavirus infections were linked to the event, in spite of it it requiring a “test for entry”.

The Verknipt festival took place across two days in Utrecht and was attended by around 20,000 people. Everyone who attended the event had to show a QR code that demonstrated that they were vaccinated, had recently recovered from COVID-19, or had a negative COVID-19 test.

Unfortunately, 1,050 people who attended the event have now tested positive for the virus. That’s about 1 in 20 attendees infected with a potentially deadly virus.

Utrecht’s regional health board says that it’s impossible to say that all of those who were infected, got infected at the festival. But it highlights the potential risks of restarting mass music events, and also problems with the country’s “test for entry” process, which required attendees of events to do a test for COVID-19 up to 40 hours before the event. Critics and health officials say that testing up to 40 hours prior to an event is too long, and allows for too many opportunities for people to get infected before attending an event.

Because of a surge in Covid-19 cases in the Netherlands, clubs and festivals have been halted until mid-August.

There’s not enough data yet to know if this is an anomaly or if the demographics and activity at festivals make them likely to be superspreader events. But news like this – from an event where organizers were attempting to do things as safely as possible – belie the idea that ‘things are finally getting back to normal’.

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  1. This vaccine does not provide sterilizing immunity. meaning vaccinated persons can still contract and spread virus to others. Until we find a vaccine which provides sterilizing immunity like polio vaccines, measles, mumps etc, we will be dealing with new variants forever. We need to learn how to deal with this virus.

    1. Unless you have evidence otherwise, from what I have read, it is much harder for vaccinated people to pass on the virus. The studies I have seen show that, even with breakthrough infections, there isn’t much virus to shed from a vaccinated person. My guess is that the overwhelming majority of these infections were spread by unvaccinated people.

      I don’t think we will ever have “sterilizing” vaccines for Cov19. It will be with us forever, like other coronaviruses.

      1. “Everyone who attended the event had to show a QR code that demonstrated that they were vaccinated”
        (essentially a vaccine passport) so how could it have been spread by unvaccinated people?? sorry but your argument doesn’t hold up

        1. dude, don’t try to gaslight us when it is written right there “Everyone who attended the event had to show a QR code that demonstrated that they were vaccinated, had recently recovered from COVID-19, or had a negative COVID-19 test” that doesn’t mean that everyone was vaccinated

        2. You should have read all of the sentence you quoted, instead of just part of it, so you wouldn’t be making an ignorant argument.

          It says: “Everyone who attended the event had to show a QR code that demonstrated that they were vaccinated, had recently recovered from COVID-19, or had a negative COVID-19 test.”

          The article also mentions that the Netherlands was allowing negative COVID tests from up to 40 hours prior to events, and they’ve since decided that 40 hours is too long.

          People thought that they’d be safe going to festival like this, because there were safety procedures in place. But the safety procedures were insufficient.

          As a result, unvaccinated people came infected, infected a bunch of other people and turned the event into a Covid Festival.

    1. The overall case fatality rate (deaths per 100 cases) is 1.8% in the US:


      When unvaccinated idiots keep it circulating, even if they’re young and healthy and they get mild cases, it means that they’ll spread it to people that are at higher risk, like old people, people with diabetes, people that smoke, etc. In those demographics, the fatality rate is more like 10%.

      The other big risk of superspreading is that more infections mean more mutations.

      1. You’d have more success getting people vaccinated if you dropped the name calling. People and attitudes like this fuel conspiracy theorists.

        1. No, lunacy, lack of education, basic intellectual reasoning, bigotry, stupidity, being inbred, and a host of other mental deficiencies, “fuel conspiracy theories! Elwin is spot on!

          1. There are many intelligent people that lack mental deficiencies that believe in and spread non-factual conspiracies. Your comment is disgusting.

          2. Admin: Comments deleted, misinformation stated as fact.

            Also, you’re using multiple names to post comments (Cambalambaa, Plockepinn, Saltgurka med Majonäs, Gurbosplitt, Knubby Roxx, etc), which results in your comments getting flagged as potential spam.

            Using a consistent identity and contributing constructively will minimize the likelihood that your comments will be flagged for moderation and/or deleted.

          3. I can’t hate the anti-vaxxers, it’s their bodies, their choice. I mean this sincerely. One’s body is one’s sanctuary, no state may impose against it. This is one of our several absolute rights of the individual.

            “The right of personal security consists in a person’s legal and uninterrupted enjoyment of his life, his limbs, his body, his health, and his reputation.”

            As you know, common symptoms of the vaccines is flulike symptoms – an interruption, however brief.

      2. > “they’ll spread it to people that are at higher risk, like old people, people with diabetes, people that smoke, etc. In those demographics, the fatality rate is more like 10%.”

        if those at-risk people get tripple-vaxxed and wear their double masks, and avoid crowded places and keep their social distance, why do they have to worry about CV19 infection anyway?

        if 3 doses of jab and two layer of mask doesn’t protect them, then we’ve been scammed.

        1. 99% of the people dying of Covid are people that are unvaccinated.

          So you ask why people that are ‘tripple-vaxxed and wear their double masks’ should care.

          We should all care, because vaccine deniers are dying at the rate of around 300/day in the US. That’s completely avoidable, and those numbers are on the rise. And that screws things up for everybody.

          If 1000 people end up infected with Covid after attending a music festival, there aren’t going to be music festivals for years.

          When the hospitals are full of dying science deniers, which is what’s happening in a lot of midwestern cities, the rest of us can’t schedule elective surgeries.

          And when the country is a petri dish for Covid variations and the new variants run wild, like what’s happening in LA, the rest of us have to deal with masks again.

          The tragedy of the commons is a well-known problem in economics that happens when individuals neglect the well-being of society in the pursuit of personal gain. Everybody loses in the end.

          An example of this is the way the US let factory owners spew toxic fumes into the air for a hundred years. The factory owners convinced us that it was their right to pollute the environment. This didn’t get fixed until 1970, when Nixon signed the Clean Air act.

          This is exactly what we’re seeing with Covid in the US – the selfishness of a subset of the population is screwing things up for everybody.

          1. Thank you, Daniel. This sums up the problem perfectly. The people who don’t understand or don’t care or both are going to keep this perpetuating indefinitely.

          2. to Daniel: > 99% of the people dying of Covid are people that are unvaccinated.

            Non sequitur*
            *a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.

            Elwin’s argument, to which I responded, had nothing to do with societal worries about the the rising death rate among the unvaccinated. He argued that unvaxxed people are responsible for the infection and the death in certain demographics with underlying condition which I refuted in my response.

            now, to your argument:
            > 99% of the people dying of Covid are people that are unvaccinated.

            taking that statistic at face value, still doesn’t answer the following question:

            if you are tripple-vaxxed and double-masked, then why are you worried about someone else’s vaccine status (personal decisions)?

            if three doses of jabs and two layers of mask still is not enough to protect you, then maybe you should place the blame elsewhere not on the unvaxxed.

            people should be free to assess the risks and make personal decisions and live with the consequences.

            if a doctor suggest chemotherapy for a cancer patient, the patient is allowed to refuse it. no one forces a patient to undergo chemo against their will.

            also,nothing in this life is 100% guaranteed or avoidable. i.e. someone never smoking a cigarette dying of lung cancer vs a chain smoker living past 90 years old. everything we do always carries an element if risk. getting into an elevator, flying on a plane, riding a bike, there is always the likelihood that things go wrong. we accept it and move on.

            you trust Big Science, you trust Big Data, you trust Big Pharma, you trust Big Government and Big Media and everything that they are telling you. good for you. if the tripple-jabs are as effective as they are telling you and double-masking even gives you additional protection, then carry on with your life and stop blaming the unvaxxed. you can always do booster shots to protect against the Greek Alphabet of always emerging variants. you are free to do all that, so let other people make their own decisions and live with the consequences.

            1. Sorry, chisquared, you only refuted the hope that you might share an intelligent comment.

              Just as you had to fall back to making a straw man argument, instead of addressing ElwinJ’s points, you had repeat yourself when responding to me. This gives the impression that parroting gibberish is the most that you are capable of.

              Your concept of responsibility is to blame the people that get sick because you pooped in the well.

              1. your first response was a non sequitur, now an ad hominem. what you call a strawman, is in fact “Reductio ad absurdum”. please refrain from personal insults, and work on making a rational, respectful argument based on logic.

                *Reductio ad absurdum, (Latin: “reduction to absurdity”), in logic, a form of refutation showing contradictory or absurd consequences following upon premises as a matter of logical necessity.


            2. Cancer patients are welcome to choose, they’re not contagious.

              Until this pandemic is undeniably under control, we should all wear masks. Same principle that surgeons have been wearing them in operating rooms, hours at a time, going back about a century – They help prevent contamination from the wearer.

              I’m curious tho, what do you define “Big Science” and “Big Data” as?

            3. chisquared, you make 100% point we seen this all over the world. Most logical reason is sometimes to difficult to understand. I think it become into a personal “area” notice there “believe” is falling apart by simple logic.

            4. “if you are tripple-vaxxed and double-masked, then why are you worried about someone else’s vaccine status (personal decisions)?”

              If you were homebound and never on the road, completely safe from other drivers, why would you ever be worried about drunk drivers “personal decisions” to drive on the road drunk and risk other people’s lives?

              1. This analogy doesn’t make sense. Here’s my take: If you are triple/double safe, then everyone who is, is driving an armored tank on the road with drunk drivers who are on motorcycles (unvaxxed).

        1. Unvaccinated people spreading the disease result in unnecessary deaths directly, because Covid 19 kills so many, but also indirectly, because hospitals are full of people that are unnecessarily sick with Covid 19, forcing doctors to ration care and people to put off elective surgeries.

          Unvaccinated people spreading the disease directly result in more variations, so that we’re seeing variations that spread more quickly and are more deadly.

          Unvaccinated people also spread the disease to vaccinated and at risk populations. The vaccines are 95% effective, which is why most people getting hospitalized are unvaccinated, but there some vaccinated people will still get sick and die.

          A lot of these people are also uninsured in the US, so they’re creating healthcare costs that the rest of us are going to be picking up.

          So pretending that there’s no downside to spreading this disease far and wide is pure idiocy.

    2. The concert attendees will infect friends, family and strangers who are outside their own demographic. We all agree that 20-something year olds are at relatively low risk from COVID, but they may very well hospitalize their 50-something parents and 70-something grandparents. Not to mention the bus driver, their dentist or some random person in the supermarket.

      1. You just described the flu. The flu infected friends, family, and strangers outside their demographic. Young people have always, generally enjoyed relatively low risk, as far as serious repercussions go, with the flu. People with 50 something parents and 70 something grandparents could have a more serious encounter with the flu, cold, or fever. There have always been people hospitalized by the flu in the hundreds of thousands every year worldwide. Pneumonia is especially aggressive. The bus driver, dentist, or some random person with a weakened immune system have always suffered the risk of an increased negative reaction to sicknesses throughout history. Did we remove the freedom of movement and ability to conduct business when flu season arrived before? No. Wake up friends. This is not about health. It’s about power, control, and money.

        1. Covid is 20-30 times deadlier than the flu:

          “So far, more than 32 million people have had COVID-19 in the U.S. So far, more than 580,000 people have died of COVID-19 in the U.S. in 2020 and 2021.

          By comparison, during the 2019-2020 flu season in the U.S., about 38 million people had the flu and about 22,000 people died of the flu.”


          People that believe conspiracy theory bullshit over the experts at the Mayo Clinic and the CDC are dying of Covid at the rate of about 300 per day.

    3. We are not really worried about the young concert goers, but the old or vulnerable people they might infect.

    4. > the survival rate of CV19 is 99.97% for that demographic. more concert goers are likely to die from a (fentanyl-laced) drug overdose

      Wait, 3 out of 10,000 people at concerts die of fentanyl overdoses? So this concert with 20,000 people had 6 fentanyl overdoses? Do you have more you can share about these deaths?

        1. Randy & Frank

          Thanks for the feedback.

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  2. The numbers coming in from several countries show that even our best vaccines right now have fairly poor effectiveness against Delta variant infection. Although they do protect against serious outcomes still. The vaccinated people who get infected are often asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic, but they can still spread the virus.

    Because of this, vaccine passports may be doing more harm than good because they provide a false sense of security. As we see in the photographs, people felt extremely comfortable gathering in a large dense crowd with no masks in the middle of a highly contagious pandemic upswing. Some of those people might be reckless but I’d wager that most of them believed that because of these passport protocols they incorrectly thought they were safe and at low risk from infection. Obviously they were not at low risk from infection at all.

    1. that is pure misinformation, the vaccines are shown to have effective prevention against the current delta variant except astra zenica (which is in the uk, india, brazil but not distributed in the US) there is no measured info on the delta + variant but there may be less protection because of the mechanism in the variant – that is not the dominant strain right now though

  3. Sad news, and I hope no-one got hospitalized etc.. But I imagine it is a tricky one to draw a conclusion about. You would have to model the demographic attending the festival, and whether they were engaging in more risky behaviour before and after Verknipt: possibly not, but there are all kinds of subtlety. Then there is the question of when to test. There have been many large-crowd sporting events over the last month, will be interesting to see what comes out of that too.

  4. As long they are young and not in their 80’s they don’t have much to worry. In the Netherlands the average age of someone that died with covid is 84 years old.

    1. Except the long-term effects of covid include shrinking both your brain and your balls.

      Some may argue that this would be redundant for anti-vaxxers, but that might be a little harsh.

        1. “There is strong evidence for brain-related pathologies in COVID-19”


          “There is quite enough reason to suspect that male sexual and reproductive health could be affected in the survivors, both in the short and long terms”


          If you’re denying studies like this, you’re just in denial.

          The best science that we have at this point says that Covid shrinks your brain, shrinks your balls, and increases your chances of impotence.

          And that’s in the people that don’t get the bad cases.

    2. Ok, take that thinking one step farther. Do they stay isolated? No, they go home and infect friends, family, people in stores and schools… and keep going. See the problem now?

  5. It’s a complete shitshow with our government. OMT never said 40 hours was a good thing but they went on doing it anyway. We got corrupt clowns running the shots over here.

    How in the hell did they think people (specially young people) wouldn’t cheat with tests?! We’ve all been young and when we wanted to go and party we would find a way. Those in our government can’t be this stupid right? Well they’re either are or just totally corrupt. I would argue they’re both.

    Since we went on lock down they called it an ‘intelligent lock down’. This basically means that there’s not really a lock down and the virus still had massive potential to keep on spreading. The restrictions that were taken were all done poorly. The 1.5m distance rule was hardly anywhere applied.

    Let it be clear that there’s enough data going around worldwide that shows how to tackle COVID but no European country wanted to go in full lock down. Now taxpayers money is just being flushed and it will get even worse when a lot of businesses go bankrupt by the end of this year.

    Within a few days after COVID was known around the world some countries showed what to do about it and till this day those countries have the least amount of COVID hospitalizations or worse.

    While having a massive spike with this new delta version of COVID the governments decided to open all bars etc anyway. And now UK is doing the same. BORDERLINE CRAZY!!!!

    It showed me once again how politicians are full of bs (bad science) and why I will never vote on any of them.
    but I’ll keep doing my part: I’ve been vaccinated, will keep my distance from others and won’t go on vacation this year.

    1. I’m glad you said “FACT” in all caps, otherwise I might have doubted what you were saying and looked at the evidence instead. Back to my synths.

      1. To be clear, my comment was a reply to Jess, which has now been deleted. It wasn’t a reply to the admins! Thanks for all your hard work, admins.

    2. Vaccines dramatically reduce the transmission of covid-19. As in “You’re at least 20 times less likely to catch it if you’re vaccinated” kind of dramatic.

    3. I am unaware of any evidence that people who “cheated with tests” contributed to this superspreader event. IMO, the problem is with the unsubstantiated beliefs that passports are effective or definitive as they pertain to spread ability. It is a comparable myth to the previous belief that taking temperatures for screening was sufficient for screening. One infected person can infect everyone susceptible in a closed environment over a long enough time frame

  6. Wouldn’t it just be wonderful if everyone responded to this with a knee jerk and took away more of our freedoms?

    1. You’re being asked to get vaccinated and stay at home if you’re sick. Nobody is asking you to put yourself in prison. It’s not a huge ask.

    1. News and facts aren’t political.

      Hiding from the facts and pretending that there isn’t a pandemic going on is political and idiotic.

      Musicians and music fans need to be aware of what’s going on so that we can make informed decisions about what we do.

      It’s a fact that there have been several events, like this one, where hundreds of people were infected within 2 weeks. And there have been others where there wasn’t any big surge in infections. It will take a while for scientists to figure out why, and in the meantime we should try to know the risks and figure out if there are basic precautions we can take to manage the risks.

      1. You’ve had two years to be informed. Stop the drama. Stop the hatred of people who don’t share your political world view. Wear a mask and let the rest of us be. People have a right to question freedom stomping lockdowns and government destruction of people’s jobs. Covid kills, but people have every right to be involved in how society deals with it.

        1. “You’ve had two years to be informed. Stop the drama. ”

          Sounds like you’re the one bringing the drama.

          Dealing with Covid intelligently is the way to avoid restrictions.

          At least in the US, it was a shit show a year ago because nobody was vaccinated and the President was pretending Covid was ‘just going to disappear’, while hospitals were full of people dying on breathing machines.

          At least now, most intelligent people that can get vaccinated have done so and we can safely get back out and do things. The anti-vaxxers are screwing things up for everybody, though, because they’re getting sick and dying at the rate of hundreds per day, they’re breeding grounds for more dangerous covid variants and they’re making big public events unsafe.

          1. Jay: Pray and be happy because you be the chosen ones to stay behind on this planet while all those extremely selfish non vaccine persons will go to heaven. Be happy, make your music on a tropical island under the sun, its all for you only enjoy life

      1. it is the opposite – it is a privilege when you think things like public health, gun control, the right to vote and other things that every other freakin place on earth that isn’t a totalitarian society agree on are the frameworks to make a safe and healthy society are things that the public should somehow have the same input as if you think you should put a freakin stop sign at the end of your street.

    2. Just skip the article if you don’t like it. That’s your choice. I’m glad I saw it because I want to know what is happening in the music community.

      1. Born late 1930’s be 99% sure one of the oldest musician on this forum. I live in Europe and 80 years ago i seen it all, i bin there, i have feel and seen how easy young men be manipulated. Some guy live in the same country as 80 years ago, again he try to change the world to fallow his ideas of a better world. Just sharing from old men being aware you not remember this messages over 30 years from now. wish you all the best.

  7. Jess,
    Can you point me to the peer reviewed study that supports your ideas on the vaccines? What experts? Being conned, FACT! where? How, etc. Because that sure sounds wrong. The vaccines do stop the spread of the disease. The people who are getting Covid and ending up in the hospital right now are almost ALL unvaccinated.

    Unvaccinated people can get my grandkids sick. So, if you don’t want to get the shots, cool. Fine. Just don’t go out until children can get vaccine protection.

    An awful lot of fairly young people are dying right now. Dying because they listened to fact free anti-vac nonsense.

    1. We aren’t responsible for your grandkids safety. The sky-is-falling drama and desire to control others behavior is really sad, honestly. And it won’t stop the spread. It hardens people against you fueling the spread. Both sides of this argument seem to be dominated by extremist thinking.

      1. The sky isn’t falling yet neither should science upon deaf and dumb ears! Just because you have become “hardened” against the truth, reality, and science, does not change the verity we see. Let me guess, a Maggot supporter or is that MAGA? Moron!

      2. But you are responsible. That’s what living in a society costs. You shouldn’t be able to walk around with a deadly, contagious virus in your body when it can be prevented any more than you should be able to walk around shooting people.

      3. When Covid mutates with an Ebola strain…. lets see how fast you eat your words. The silver lining of something like that happening will be an ebay explosion of used gear.

      4. We, through our democratically elected government, are not trying to “control” people, we’re trying to control the virus. There should be no choice in this, other than for bona fide medical reasons – and it will stop the spread, in the same way that smallpox and polio were eradicated. You have no choice but to stop at stop signs, or to drive at any speed you like, or to sell booze to children. The government controls many many behaviours in the interest of the public good. We are all responsible for each other’s safety and protection, that’s why we have, oh I remember, a defence department.

    2. > The people who are getting Covid and ending up in the hospital right now are almost ALL unvaccinated.

      Fact Check: False.
      UK has one of the highest number of double-jabbed population, but 40% of those admitted to hospitals are the double-jabbed! 40% had two doses of jab but still ended up at the hospital.

      this 40% was a correction from an earlier number: 60% – it was initially stated that 60% of hospital admittance were the double-jabbed.

      you claimed: Almost All
      fact check: Just Over Half (60%)

      you can find the source below.


      1. You left out some key context regarding the vaccinated cases from the very source giving that data:

        “They’re very, very effective, but not 100%, and as a higher proportion of the population is double-vaccinated, it’s inevitable that those 10% of that very large number remain at risk, and therefore will be amongst the people who both catch the infection and end up in hospital.”

        In other words, you have to look at the total populations’ vaccination math. Percentage of vaxxed vs unvaxxed hospitalized only indicates the effectiveness of the vaccine if the total numbers of vaccinated vs unvaccinated in the population at large is taken into account. Because so many in the UK ARE double vaxxed, the number of breakthrough cases in that group will skew higher in raw numbers than a per-capita equivalent would show. If there are 100 double vaxxed and 100 unvaxxed or partially vaxxed in a sample, the 60/40 number would be meaningful. If it’a instead 200 double vaxxed and 100 unvaxxed, controlling for the disparity results in 80/20. Keeping in mind that early victims will skew toward those who are high risk, and a higher percentage of high risk people are double vaxxed, the early numbers for vaxxed admissions will appear even more alarming.

        The Isreali numbers several weeks back caused great alarm until sober minds explained this to us. It’s still scary, and I”m certainly going back to indoor masking, but the risk to the double vaxxed remains a small fraction of the risk to the unvaccinated.

        It’s also early in the delta wave. So “almost all”? Well, outside of the UK and Isreal, so far that’s true. And in the UK and Isreal, it’s close to true based on what we know so far.

      2. If 100% of the population are vaccinated with a 90% effective vaccine, then 10% of the population will get the virus and a smaller proportion will end up in hospital. 100% of those people ending up in hospital will have been vaccinated as everyone has been vaccinated.
        So you understand now? Your facts are correct, your inference completely wrong. With a high vaccination rate you expect a lot of those hospitalised to have had the vaccine, and the vaccine is still being a success.

      3. Chisquared, you misread that article. His correction is clear, he restated it in a tweet: “Correcting a statistic I gave at the press conference today, 19 July. About 60% of hospitalisations from covid are not from double vaccinated people, rather 60% of hospitalisations from covid are currently from unvaccinated people.” He never spoke about the double-jabbed, and there is no mention in the article about 40% of the hospitalizations being double-jabbed, it seems you inferred it yourself? By far the most likely scenario is that the remaining 40% were single-jabbed. The UK is more susceptible to the Delta variant because it is now well understood that the Astra Zeneca vaccine, which was widely employed there, is less effective than the mRNA vaccines, particularly for the single jabbed. Either way, only 54% of the UK is double-jabbed as of July 19, so there are still many millions in the single jab category.

        Now let’s go back to talking about wavetable oscillators and vactrols.

  8. Boy howdy, this post will be pulling all of the worms out of the woodwork for sure. If you can get vaxxed and you refuse, you’re being an extremely selfish person and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. Maul of America: Pray and be happy because you be the chosen ones to stay behind on this planet while all those extremely selfish persons will go to heaven, Be happy, make your music on a tropical island its all for you.

  9. “I Defiantly Attended A Super-Spreader and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt,
    COVID and a week in a ventilator hood.” New dance move: the Cadaver. Take THAT, natural selection!

  10. The earth wants to rid itself of fleas. Its not rocket science. When we have an Ebola covid variant, the people who understand better safe than sorry will have a great time on ebay buying all the gear left over from the ones who think pandemics cramp their style

    1. Kebu – thanks for the feedback.

      It’s relevant for readers to be aware that current security protocols may be insufficient to keep events like this from being super-spreader events.

      Being aware of news like this may help readers make more informed decisions – whether they think that the risks are overblown, that they may want to be more cautious attending events like this, or that they’ll avoid events like this for now.

    1. Clearly you need help, well beyond what a forum such as this can ever provide. Call it the China virus if you wish and there is a time and place to discuss culpability, however if society continues to use, abuse, and consume animal carcass as a food source, the corona virus reemerge again and again.

      For for a bit of sobriety from the cesspool you drink from, here is some information to assist you.


      1. Modern3 – your comments are veering from thoughtful criticism into personal attack territory here.

        You can minimize the likelihood that your comments will need to be moderated by contributing constructively, disagreeing respectfully and reporting comments you see that are offensive via the Feedback link.

        1. My apologies Synthhead. I have indeed veered into the vitriolic rhetoric that I despise. However I’m just saddened and shocked, I guess I naively assumed that those interested in synthesisers, synthesis, and technology at large would be more scientifically and intellectually inclined, that their assumptions and even biases would have some evidentiary foundation.

          Cheers to you for tolerating us all.

    2. Admin: Personal attack deleted.

      If you see a comment that is offensive, please report it via the Feedback Link, which is at the top of very page of this site, instead of making a personal attack.

      This will minimize the possibility that your future comments will need to be moderated.

  11. Wow – today’s news is that Covid is bad enough in Alabama that the Republican governor says it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated:


    Things are going to get a lot worse this winter in the US before it gets better, because the right-wing areas of the US are largely unvaccinated, the infection rate is already where it was going into last fall, and the Delta variant is a lot more contagious and deadly.

    It’s sad that so many anti-vaxxers are dying, but it’s also sad that the rest of us have to suffer the consequences of their bad decisions.

    Kiss going back to normal anytime soon goodbye.

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