4 thoughts on “Sequential Circuits Six-Track Firmware Update

  1. Questions to Mr. Kraft…I own a Six-Trak. It was my first Synth, purchased in or around 1985. I need to have the battery replaced as I have lost some patches and stacking functions…my question is this, will I lose all my patches when disconnecting the old battery? If so, how to back up? I am fairly certain if it came with a tape backup I lost it long ago. The plan is to replace the hard wired battery with something like a CR style battery. Also, as I have never updated the firmware, will the V.14 EPROM work without using the other updates. Thanks for the vids!

  2. Hey Tim, I recently replaced the battery on my six trak with a holder and new CR battery. Yes, it will wipe out the patches and you will need to flash them again with a sysex file via Midi. If you are looking for someone to do the battery upgrade my services are available! Let me know

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