KORG Collection 3 Updated With miniKORG 700S, Prophecy & Triton Extreme Virtual Instruments

Korg has released Korg Collection 3, an updated version of its software synth collection that introduces virtual versions of three classic instruments: KORG’s first mass-produced analog synthesizer, the miniKORG 700S, the MOSS Tone Generator-powered Prophecy, and the Triton Extreme.

Here’s what they have to say about the new virtual instruments:

  • The miniKORG 700S for Mac/Win is a faithful reproduction of the original analog hardware, with powerful new features only possible in software. Now the unique sounds and capabilities of this historic KORG synthesizer can be enjoyed on your computer.
  • Defined by the cutting edge digital signal processing technology and a DSP chip formerly used exclusively for effects processing, the Prophecy is now available as a software plugin, with the ease of use, polyphony, and modern features necessary for today’s music production.
  • The TRITON Extreme is the most powerful model in the Triton series, featuring the first-ever “Valve Force” vacuum tubes in a music workstation, and most of the new PCM and EXB-PCM series waveforms. The powerful, analog-like sound of vacuum tubes can be used with software for incredible sonic performance.

Korg says that the updates make Korg Collection 3 “a thrilling collection of iconic sounds from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and ’00s.”

Pricing and Availability

KORG Collection 3 is available now, with intro pricing of $299 USD through August 12, 2021 (normally $399).

20 thoughts on “KORG Collection 3 Updated With miniKORG 700S, Prophecy & Triton Extreme Virtual Instruments

    1. Originally the OASYS was just what you are asking for. When it was first shown at NAMM, it was totally software driven, with many different engines available. When it finally showed up as a product, it only had a fixed number of synth engines.

      1. Ok, well they did that PCI card and I think it had some flexibility.. not quite Tassman but still enough room for exploration.

        Would be great if they could do a modern version of that cause there’s really nothing left.

        1. SuperCollider is a highly powerful and flexible option on this front. The available libraries for physical modelling are pretty impressive. Sadly it cannot be launched in a DAW as a VSTi, but I guess that’s not happening with Z1 or OASYS PCI anyway.

        2. Add SynthKit for Mac and you get more then Tassman.Something between NI Reaktor (Generator in that time) and Digidesing TurboSynth plus unique blocks.

    2. yes, a opsix-style Moss synth would be interesting. Pity the originals were plasticky and now look a bit tatty and discoloured.

  1. I wish Korg would produce software versions of their Minilogue series.

    And Yamaha would produce software versions of some of their synths eg. VL-series physical modelling, AN1X VA synth, SY/TG-85, SY/TG-77, SY-99, DX7x ..

    1. don´t forget the vp-1! my all-time favorite synth. i´d ask reinhold heil to sell me his one. unfortunately i haven´t got the 500k bucks he should rightly ask for.

  2. I look forward to these (hopefully) being offered individually. I’d jump on the Prophecy, but the bundle duplicates my other Korgs too much. Its also a powerful deal, if you never took up the Korg challenge. Some of the best flavors are here. It’d be a big addition to a rig.

  3. Trip down memory lane: I remember getting the Prophecy Z1 promotional VHS featuring Joseph Zawinul. Can’t remember how it came to my possession…through some product purchase maybe.
    And I remember reading a little blip in the pages of Keyboard Mag about the Korg OASYS PCI when it was just rumor. Then it came out. I was wanting pretty bad.
    The days of Audiowerk & Sounddiver, with a healthy side of thick and delicious physical manuals for Emagic Logic, K2500, & Kyma.
    Got the Smalltalk 80 programming textbook thinking I’d put it to use when I got Kyma.
    Never did. Didn’t know what the hell I was doing anyway.
    Rebirth on CD-Rom

    1. The earliest I remember seeing the OASYS in Keyboard magazine was in. NAMM show report. The prototype was 76 keys and had a long list of physical modeling and other synthesis types, like additive synthesis and FM that was supposed to be loadable as software. It sounded very exciting. Of course when the OASYS came out in hardware, it was much less powerful than the prototype.

  4. I discovered that through a better link later, but thanks for the lead. What a great time to stay home and buy synths, huh? The Prophecy is wicked-deep. It was way before its time. Having everything brought to the surface with a 2021-style GUI is retro-fascinating. I wonder if they’ll ever get to the Z1? I guess it depends on how this one sells.

      You are SHOUTING!!!
      Back to topic though…
      After few hiccups regarding installation process, I have managed to install it and new additional instruments are brilliant 🙂

  5. Does the Prophecy GUI send MIDI SysEx out to control a hardware Prophecy?

    A pity Korg didn’t include the Prophecy arpeggiator with the plugin :-/

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